Finnish Tuutu Baby Box lands Down Under

Finnish Tuutu Baby Box lands Down Under

The traditional Finnish baby box was launched in Australia through the introduction of Tuutu Baby Box created by two Finnish-Australian mothers who believe every baby should have the right start in life

An example of a Finnish Baby BoxThe Finnish baby box was launched in 1938 when the Finnish government distributed maternity packages that included clothes, a sleeping bag and a small mattress that transformed the box into baby’s first bed.

“When the box was first launched in Finland, it was given to underprivileged mothers on the condition that they would attend pre-natal and post-natal clinics,” says co-founder Susanna Heiskanen. “This ensured that mothers were educated about safe sleeping practices, breastfeeding and vaccinations, helping to reduce the infant mortality rate. We would like to see Australia adopt this approach.”

Through their Finnish background the two founders of the business truly understand the benefits such an approach can have and because of this Tuutu Baby Boxes include resources, support and information about topics such as breastfeeding and safe sleeping.

With its roots planted in Finnish tradition with a modern Australian touch, the box is made and designed locally featuring popular products from Bubba Blue, PureBaby, Gaia Skin Naturals and WaterWipes.

 Susanna and Laura have also identified the significance of sustainability in producing their product.  “The box is made completely from recyclable material and we are including products such as reusable breast pads and washable cloth nappies to give our customers the opportunity to try more sustainable options,” says co-founder Laura Lohiniva-Hart.

 The box has also been redesigned with a lid that can be used as a changing table and the contents include example swaddles, baby bodysuit and mittens to complement the Australian lifestyle.

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