The EV Supercar “GLM G4” is finally unveiled: Where unfathomable is possible

The EV Supercar “GLM G4” is finally unveiled: Where unfathomable is possible

GLM’s new, luxury electronic vehicle has been unveiled at Salon Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. GLM G4 is a new car concept: what a luxurious vehicle should be and not merely the extension of existing internal combustion engine models. Founded in Kyoto, GLM has contributed unprecedented EV technology and aesthetics to the automotive industry, together with Japanese dedication to ruthless efficiency and pursuit of perfection

If EV means Electric Vehicle, GLM interprets it as Exotic Vehicle

GLM G4 belongs to the exotic car segment, a standout example of the luxury electric vehicle it combines a fluid but robust exterior, four doorsGLM-G4-1y-1475235442MR and supreme internal comfort allowing 4 passengers to cover distance in style.

GLM worked on advanced technologies to achieve results, improving the driving efficiency and performance using a multi-source power model. Two packages are loaded front and back on the GLM G4 in order to control coordination and improve performance. GLM G4 features a multi stage transmission that improves the performance and is not affected by the powertrain output. The reduction of switching loss and the improvement of electric efficiency are realized by the IGBT systems. The car structure is light and solid incorporating a chassis structure comprised of composite materials.

System total output is above 1000Nm (>101kgm) and 540PS (400kW) with a twin motor application to split torque depending on driving mode: the vehicle accelerates 0-100km/h in less than 3.7 sec and cruises at 250km/h.

This is coupled with a multi stage transmission system, which consumes the minimum current at city-to-autobahn cruising speeds.  The twin motor system is coordinated to continuously calculate the road surface and give maximum traction. Amalgam chassis with light and stiff multi-merit package incorporates a chassis structure using optimum materials.

“The Automotive industry is changing and in the next few years the EV market will see significant growth, taking shares of internal combustion vehicles market. GLM’s mission is to be at the forefront and push the boundaries of EVs. Our ‘key enabler’ technologies and the concept of ‘application to variants’ will be applied for dissemination of EVs which you would witness in near future” – Hiroyasu Koma, GLM CEO.

Developing EV technology not only concretely contributes to a low-carbon society but provides an exciting driving experience: this is our vision and daily inspiration.”   

GLM G4 performance: 

–        0-100km/h   3.7sec

–        Power       400kW (540PS)

–        Torque      1000Nm (101kgm)

–        Top speed   250km/h (155mph)

–        Range       400km (248 miles) NEDC

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