A global movement that empowers the individual to make a collective difference

A global movement that empowers the individual to make a collective difference

Milanese Fashion Brand Rosa Clandestino, travels across the ocean with its movement “Milano is Not the Same Without Me” and joins forces with MTV Networks to bring the empowering movement to America in an unforgettable moment in history. Perfect timing to land in the US and highlight the value of each individual in making a collective difference

Easy to remember, hard to forget, “America is Not the Same Without Me” embraces uniqueness, diversity and inclusion. All key values of the shared philosophy between Milanese based designer Rosa Clandestino and MTV Networks.

ClandestinoFirst stop after the Italian fashion capital? “America is Not the Same Without Me”.  Not a coincidence, but a heartfelt choice of designer Rosa Clandestino.  An unconventional woman, who’s eclectic background – born in the US to exiled parents, a Cuban mother and a Nicaraguan father – and love for America are reflected in each one of her creations. “Growing up in Latin America influenced my heart and sensibility, being born in the US opened a world of opportunities, becoming a designer and living in Europe defined my style,” acknowledges the designer with the contagious smile that characterizes her passionate personality.

Rosa Clandestino’s successful career, appreciation from international celebrities and continuous recognition from the most influential press, Vogue Italia has repeatedly appointed the globetrotter designer as one of the next big in the fashion industry, were stepping stones to initiate the global movement ‘Is Not the Same Without Me’.  MTV Networks immediately supported the designer in launching the movement in America “We live in the selfie era where everyone is a protagonist. Why not be a protagonist for good and promote making a difference?”  Clandestino questions. 

This is how the movement, that immediately became viral, was born. Celebrating the value of each individual with a strong and deep motto: “We are all part of the story!”, the message Rosa Clandestino and MTV Networks wish to share with everyone.

Rosa Clandestino’s online shop dedicated to the movement www.IsNotTheSameWithoutMe.com  launched September 27, 2016. The Pop couture-aesthetic capsule collection of caps and t-shirts for men, women, children, newborn and pets with the iconic message “Milano is Not the Same Without Me” and the premiering “America is Not The Same Without Me” can be purchased exclusively at http://www.IsNotTheSameWithoutMe.com

Besides highlighting the value of each individual, the movement aims to empower the ones in need by donating upon checkout USD 5.00 to support one of the three US and international based non-profit organizations chosen by Rosa Clandestino and MTV Networks. The customer will have the opportunity to choose which cause to support:

GIRL UP: The United Nations Foundation that supports the empowerment of girls everywhere.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Empowering women to achieve economic independence.

NO-MORE: Galvanizing communities to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Real time tracker of the donations will be featured on www.IsNotTheSameWithoutMe.com

Join the movement together with celebrities, influencers, artisans, students, sports figures, trendsetters, journalists, baby boomers, entrepreneurs, kids, teachers, veterans, workers, artists, grandparents, housewives, business people, newborns and everyone… Because we are all part of the story!


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