Fraunhofer IPK accompanies the development of an Institute for Technology Transfer

Fraunhofer IPK accompanies the development of an Institute for Technology Transfer

Industrie 4.0 meets „Made in China 2015“, the IFT, the German-Chinese Institute for Technology Transfer is focusing on innovation partnership: IPK, the Fraunhofer Institute for production sites and construction technique will build-up IFT jointly with the Chinese City Jieyang in the province Guangdon. The cooperation contract was signed in presence of German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and China’s Premier Li Kequiang. Phase 1 of the project has started

“The planning phase is on track. Up to 2020 a comprehensive communication and service platform will be formed, allowing German enterprises a quick and structured identification of technological needs of Chinese entrprises to offer solutions on the basis own technologies“ explains Prof Dr-Ing Holger Kohl, director of the business segment enterprise management at Fraunhofer IPK.

Priority industries of IFT are metalworking, environment and textile technology. The competition situation and the market opportunities were already analysed by Kohl and his team. “There are already some Institutes for Technology Transfer existing in China, however the focus on German-Chinese innovation partnerships and the priority industries are unique,“ states Koch. The national market analysis made clear that the province Guangdong, compared to the national average, has been reaching overly positive results and is today the most dynamic economic region of China with increasing growth of the economic forces. “Besides a growth of the share of services at the gross value added, the further growth will do in the direction of higher value and ecologic production where sophisticated technology is a prerogative. Exactly there we start.”

Responsible for the development of the institute is ZhongDE Metal Group GmbH. Sites are planned at the Metal Eco City in Jieyang and in the German capital city of Berlin. “IFT will open up new fields and opportunities for the German-Chinese economic relations. It is an outstanding instrument to enhance the knowledge transfer, and serving as exchange and consulting site at the same. IFT serves as catalyst for innovation partnerships in the sectors Industrie 4.0 and Made in China 2025,” declares Mike de Vries, Chairman of ZhongDE Metal Group GmbH. “The aim is to simplify processes, the search, as well as the access and exchange of technologies in order that entrrepreneurs of both countries will meet a win-win situation.”

The planned investment volume of IFT amounts to three billion CNY. The institute will start with six modules, planned area German-Chinese Centre to protect intellectual property rights, a digital information platform for the German and Chinese middle class, an institute for the transfer of German technologies, a German-Chinese incubator for technology, a technological service centre for SMEs in Germany and China, as well as a German-Chinese technology exchange.


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