Cost savings for continuous dyeing with Monforts E

Cost savings for continuous dyeing with Monforts E

Control/T-CA and Eco Line finishing by Hans Gerhard Wroblowski, Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH, Germany

Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH has been active in the textile machinery sector since 1884 and has continuously developed – together with well-known industrial partners including Dystar, Acroma, Huntsman and Pleva – new technologies, particularly for continuous dyeing and finishing of woven and knit fabrics

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In the century of globalisation, it is more important than ever before, to optimise work processes in the textile industry. Today, attention must be paid to quality and production costs without neglecting environmental aspects.

The expected high standard of quality required by the textile market has reached a completely new dimension. This applies to export and domestic markets alike.

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The ECO Line concept for finishing and dyeing of woven and especially knit goods using Eco Applicator, within the wet in wet technology, is a modern technique which meets these requirements.

Helping the textile finishing industry to achieve maximum results with the minimum use of resources is absolutely fundamental to the Monforts Eco-Line Concept. This technique offers sustainable cost savings over a wide range of the production work. It also further improves the quality of the fabric at the same time.

To achieve these goals, ‘state of the art’ techniques of production and technologies need to be exploited to secure market shares in today’s world, plus being able to withstand the pressure of price cutting within international competition.

Monforts R&D offers solutions for new products, new and optimised technologies, opening and creating new perspectives in modern fashion as well as highlighting the needs and demands for sustainable production within the industry.


The Eco-Line Concept together with the further developed and refined process E-Control and T-CA Dyeing techniques enables varied colour solutions from light to real dark coloration for knit and woven fabrics.

Monforts Fig. 3

Monforts Fig. 4-5


These techniques and processes offer unique effects- improving colour depth and fastness and assures reproduction of shades (tone in tone)

Typical features of the textile industry’s environment are greater challenges but also a lot of opportunities.  Machinery manufacturers, have to comply with customers’, increasing ecological awareness and have to meet the objectives related to sustainability and environmental protection.

The ECO Line technology offers a real potential for reducing processing time and costs, and the initial investment outlay of this innovative system can be recouped very quickly.

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