OMG TEAM is launching a New Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Worlds smartest Diaper Bags

OMG TEAM is launching a new Kickstarter Campaign to fund the World’s Smartest Diaper Bags

The new product is designed to greatly facilitate existing and future mothers while walking outdoors with their babies

OMG TEAM is thrilled to announce the beginning of their new Kickstarter campaign that will help them start OMG Bags’ mass production for the global market. This innovative product for parents has some amazing features, such as 2 GPS Trackers, bottle warmer, charge station, cushioned interior pad, dedicated phone pocket, Everest cooler compartment, built-in wipe dispenser, soother pouch, and even detachable changing pad, yet it is compact enough to be very convenient to carry around.

OMG Diaper BagThe long process of smart OMG bag production is approaching its finalization. The OMG TEAM has already come through multiple development stages that included initial design, prototype 1 and 2 design, test on hardware, final stage of hardware test, final prototype, and more. One more step has left until the mass production that is planned for October, 2016. Now, the company is launching a kickstarter campaign that will help them fund and finalize the process and to start deliver OMG bags to all existing and expecting parents

Working months on the product’s improvement, OMG TEAM, consisting of professionals, engineers and designers, has made the OMG bag “a perfect blend of fashion, quality and craftsmanship.” The company is open to suggestions on how to further improve the bag, making it a convenient utility for all parents. The OMG bag is planned to be available in 5 colours: red, silver, black, purple, and pink

Some great rewards are offered to the project’s supporters, such as OMG Bag Leather and Canvas Early Bird, OMG Bag Full Leather, and more.

OMG TEAM Company is a team of professional hardworking designers and engineers that strive to make a difference and provide practical, complete and convenient products to customers worldwide. They combine their knowledge, experience, imagination and technology to develop innovative products for the global market.

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