Christian Lacroix has a “solidarity” fashion show in the Salons of the Town Hall of Le Havre, France

Christian Lacroix has a “solidarity” fashion show in the Salons of the Town Hall of Le Havre, France

At the initiative of the foundation Positive Planet and as part of the 5th edition of Positive Economy Forum, the French fashion designer chose recycled parts at Le Havre association “Le Grenier” (textile sorting and recovery) with employees insert and created outfits that were conducted by First Fashion students (Bac Pro Couture) Lycée Jules Le Cesne in Havre, France

Six months of preparation were necessary to achieve the collection of 30 silhouettes that will be presented to the public. Footwear parade are lent by San Marina.

Le Grenier

Le Grenier is a collection insert construction, recycling and textile sales. The association provides support to 54 people in need of social and professional integration with targets to bring out a professional project, acquire knowledge, access to training, to participate in community life and to lift all or part of the brakes preventing access to employment.

The association of economic activity supporting the upgrading of textile second hand. More than 400 tons of textiles were recycled in 2016.

Christian LacroixChristian Lacroix opened his Haute Couture house in 1987 and was an immediate success. He received the Golden Thimble the Parisian Haute-Couture, and in New York, the CFDA price of the most influential foreign designer. He is the first French couturier to make the cover of Time Magazine. The fashion designer will dress Princess Diana, Madonna, among many others.

Artist, he designed many stage costumes for opera, ballet and theater and wrote several books.

Since 2010, it focuses on the activities of his own company, XCLX, he has now refocused on design, costumes for the stage, stage design exhibitions and illustration.

Positive Economy Forum

 The 5th Forum LH / Positive Economy Forum, organized by Positive Planet, Havre city and their partners, unmissable international players of positive economics, will take place September 13 to 17, 2016 in Le Havre, France

On the program, five days of debates, interventions, exchanges and initiatives turned to the construction of a positive economy. The Positive Economy Forum will once again be the opportunity to put the spotlight personalities, initiatives and entrepreneurs who share the vision of Positive Planet and its founder, Jacques Attali. More than 10000 people and 150 “speakers” to 26 conferences are expected for this exceptional event.

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