FARO Releases High-Resolution Array Imager for Factory Metrology and Product Design Applications

FARO Releases High-Resolution Array Imager for Factory Metrology and Product Design Applications

FARO® (NASDAQ:FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, product design, construction BIM/CIM, public safety forensics and 3D solutions and services applications, announces the launch of a higher resolution version of the FARO® Cobalt Array Imager solution, geared toward quality inspection, factory automation and in-process verification (IPV) applications

FaroThe new 9MP version of the Cobalt Array Imager is a higher resolution model of the Cobalt platform, which FARO introduced earlier this year.  The 9MP version is ideally suited for manufacturers, particularly automotive and aerospace manufacturers, where there is a need to capture fine details and features on edges and surfaces including stamped, machined or engraved parts.  The current 5MP version remains the ideal solution for customers who do not require high-resolution data capture.  Both versions feature on-board processing, blue light technology, interchangeable lenses, high dynamic range and automatic exposure.

On-board processing, an industry first, means that the Cobalt Array Imager is a smart sensor. This capability enables unique multi-imager array configurations of an unlimited number of Cobalt sensors.  Multi-imager arrays expand the scan area to deliver rapid and automated inspection of all surfaces of an object, dramatically reducing cycle time.  The actionable data is delivered as a simple go/no-go result or an easy-to-read dimensional deviation colour map.

“FARO’s portfolio of Cobalt Array Imagers is designed for the factory floor and production environments so they can be used anywhere inspection is needed,” stated Joe Arezone, Chief Commercial Officer of FARO.  “The Cobalt is deployable in both near-line and in-line inspection applications, which allow this solution to align with lean manufacturing principles of eliminating unnecessary movements and time.  The new 9MP version enhances Cobalt’s attractiveness for applications requiring higher resolution scan data and provides our customers with more options to select the version best tailored to their needs.”

Mr. Arezone added, “Our initial release of the Cobalt Array Imager was well received as a product which allows businesses to simultaneously improve both quality and productivity.  The Cobalt is a simple-to-use solution, ideal for maximizing productivity and automated workflows throughout the factory.  This is particularly true when using the Cobalt in automated inspection processes that may include deploying multiple Cobalt sensors in multi-imager array configurations or attaching one or more Cobalts to a robot.  Moreover, Cobalt is priced for rapid return on investment and offers unparalleled value.”


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