Orta Anadolu Company bets on Has Group products to become greener

Orta Anadolu Company bets on Has Group products to become greener

The Stenter Machine Project aimed and carried out by HAS Group for one of the most important Denim and flat fabric manufacturers in the world, the Orta Anadolu Company, became an innovative, high performance and greentech investment. Also other companies have installed machinery from Turkish Has Group

 Targeted and carried out performance data are as follows:d-orta-anadolu-company_2

·         Full solution to finishing, spandex fibre, fixing processes of today’s products such as weft stretch (including power stretch), weft/warp stretch (bi-stretch), warp stretch

·         Exact solution about weft leaning of products

·         Equal distribution for air blowing on fabrics from bottom and top nozzles in each cabinet

·         Equal fabric heat distribution at cabinets on full width

·         Equal chemical material acquisition on full width while finishing operation

·         After all operations in each temperature of fabrics, getting access to them right after duck winding or cloth spreading in approximately 30oC

·         Solutions to possible damage of fabrics during inputs and outputs

·         Offering systems to prevent edge curling during fabric inputs

·         Control systems for automations such as humidity, fabric calorimeters and safety

·         Opportunities to work with high speed by reaching the same results at finishing and fixing in current speed

·         Using less natural gas and electric power

·         With positive contributions of cab insulations, not exceeding +8oC out of cabs even with the highest temperature



Also leading firms of Middle East and Middle Asia have chosen Has Group machines:


Stenter Machines started running at Aswath and KM Knithwear firms.

The setup process for a second Stenter machine has started at Brindha Process Company, which is very pleased with the performance of Has Group machines.


Lucky Knits firm chose Has Group Stenter machine. The machine started running after its setup process is completed.

The second Stenter machine will be put into operation at ATS Synthetic firm.

The Steaming Machine is delivered to Ferooze 1888 Company by Has Group.


Krav Textile Company chose Has Group Stenter machine and the machinery equipment has been shipped by Has Group.

Bekmega Company preferred Dublex Teasel Raising machine so it has been shipping to the company.


Stenter and Sanforizing machines will be shipped to CDC Company (Cairo Dyeing Center) in the first week of September.

Stenter and Rubbered Sanforising machines of Sharabati Denim Company will ship out to be delivered at September-October.



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