Smart Textiles offer high potential, not only for the textile sector

Smart Textiles offer high potential, not only for the textile sector

On August 31, 2016, a joint workshop, together with CPS.HUB.NRW, took place at ITA, the Institut für Textiltechnik (Institute of Textile Technologies) of RWTH Aachen University with the following topic: Smart Textiles, as well as: Smart Textiles: Newcomer to the textile industry – Technologies and new business models. Around 50 participants and presenters were able to acquire and give specific information and followed the event with greatest interest

Adjunct-Prof (Clemson Univ.) Dr Yves-Simon Gloy, ITA, and Monika Gatzke, CPS.HUB NRW, University of Wuppertal_source ITABy using microelectronic and modern production technology, textiles are developing into multifunctional carriers – they measure body functions, increase our efficiency and communicate with us, the consumer, directly via our smartphone. How are intelligent textiles produced and which industrial sector will benefit from the new business model with smart textiles? Beside the already established companies of the textile industry, the targeted audience of the event were for example companies from the following industrial sectors: IT, communication, medical, mechanical engineering, sports and service.

The event highlighted the topic of smart textiles from different perspectives: The fashion label „Pauline van Dongen” offered an insight into how textiles and technology merge together and how it can design the fashion of tomorrow. The challenges and solutions provided by intelligent textiles for the process of production were presented by Prof. Dr. Yves-Simon Gloy of ITA. In addition, the event was the place for more fascinating talks as well as live-demonstrations by the exhibitors Pauline van Dongen Innovations, Physiosense GbR and ITA – Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University.

At present, smart textiles are in high demand by different industrial sectors, such as sports, medical, home and living, security and others. ThisParticipants of the presentation_source ITA demand cannot be fully met. There is a lack of scalable production technologies, user-friendly products and services, etc.

Different disciplines need to develop concepts for the market and business models for the use of the high potential of the market of smart textiles.

Presentation of exhibits_source ITAThe ITA exhibits as research institute to present current findings and prospects for smart textiles. This covers the product development, as well as the important production technologies for smart textiles. Together with a strong network of product providers, technology companies and service providers, new business models for smart textiles are developed.

CPS.HUB NRW combines the competences and knowledge of all disciplines to contribe to Cyber Physical Systems, and for of all industrial sectors, which used CPS, as well as of all regions in North Rhine Westfalia. Thus, a dynamic innovation ecosystem is generated, where knowledge is further developed and all corporative actors have access to the current FuEul-findings. 

Within a strong network of corporative actors from CPS.HUB NRW, new models, procedures and methods will be developed, which will strengthen the innovative power of SME’s Small and Medium Enterprises and make the development of CPS projectable and estimate the risk. Smart products and services are generated for the market of tomorrow: Industrie 4.0 (Industry 4.0), Smart Grids, autonomous driving.


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