Eastman Technical Expert to discuss the Multi-Functional Aspects of Cellulose Esters at Coatings Trends and Technologies Conference

Eastman Technical Expert to discuss the Multi-Functional Aspects of Cellulose Esters at Coatings Trends and Technologies Conference

The chemistry of cellulose esters and the benefits they offer to coatings formulators will be the focus of a presentation by Eastman senior technical service representative Koustubh Kulkarni at this year’s Coatings Trends and Technologies Conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Kulkarni supervises Eastman’s Coatings Application Facility, which boasts a state-of-the-art robotic bell application lab along with conventional and airless spray application capabilities. He’s scheduled to give his presentation, “Cellulose Esters: Adding Value from Formulation to Film,” on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 from 2-2:30 p.m.*

“There is a real need in the coatings industry for raw materials that are versatile. Cellulose esters have proven valuable in this respect. I plan to delve into the chemistry of cellulose esters and how formulators can use the different structural knobs within cellulose esters to address their needs. Leveraging this versatility can reveal new ways to improve the performance and compliance aspects of coatings formulations,” Kulkarni said.

Cellulose esters offer unique advantages to coatings formulators. Their broad compatibility and the application robustness they lend to coatings make them a beneficial raw material in the complex process of formulating coatings. When added to paint formulations, cellulose esters enable faster drying times, better flake orientation in metallic paints, improved flow and levelling and in certain applications, a luxurious hand feel, among other properties. Cellulose esters come in a broad palette of materials with varying structural properties, molecular weights, and viscosities. With Eastman’s broad portfolio of cellulose esters, formulators can find the right one to meet their formulation needs.

Some of the most common applications for cellulose esters include automotive, industrial and wood coatings; inks; nail polishes; leather coatings; and soft-feel coatings. During his presentation, Kulkarni will also discuss ways to use cellulose esters in high solids formulations to balance VOC compliance with improved performance.

*Schedule subject to change. Please check http://coatingsconference.com/index.php/agenda for the latest schedule

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