ITV Denim at Munich Fabric Start in the exclusive area CATALYZER BLUEZONE

ITV Denim at Munich Fabric Start in the exclusive area CATALYZER BLUEZONE

ITV will feature at Munich Fabric Start (August 30- September 1, 2016) in Munich, Germany, in the new space dedicated to the most innovative companies in the denim world, an exclusive novelty for the 2016 edition of the Munich exhibition (August 30-31, 2016). It will showcase collections produced with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable processingITV FW 17_18  2

ITV pursues a constant search for excellence by introducing a selection of its FW 17/18 collection, produced using cutting-edge technologies and finishing. Unique and essential concepts which explore the new frontiers from heritage to new trends, to showcase the essence of innovation.

This vocation is also highlighted by the location of the ITV booth within the CATALYZER BLUEZONE area, a space which Munich Fabric Start hasfr decided to set aside for the most innovative companies in the denim world, focusing in particular on the industry’s advanced developments and on eco-sustainable processing. The area called CATALYZER is one of the novelties in the 2016 edition of the German exhibition and it is part of the BLUEZONE, traditionally dedicated to the denim and sportswear community. Also from an architectural perspective, this venue brings together industrial elements and modern installations within a postmodern setting, dedicated to selected players in the denim world to showcase their collections with three major focal points: history, heritage and – most importantly – sustainable processing.

The collection

Smart, cutting-edge and with a strong expressive immediacy: the new ITV Denim collection is based on developing the concept of “essential” in order to reach the core of innovation for the new F/W Fall/Winter 2017-18 season.

ITV -FW 17_18 1The result is a palette of inspiration sources which is as balanced as it is surprising, meeting the most stylish requirements of premium brands worldwide.

There are many lines, each of them with an assertive and carefully structured character, combining the best denim tradition with ITV’s outstanding commitment to innovation and with the search for excellence in fabrics leading to finishing and supply chain processes geared towards the new perspective of sustainability. The ITV collection features all the distinctive elements which characterize the CATALYZER BLUEZONE exhibition area.

History and Heritage

A key player in the FW 17/18 collection is the ITV WORKIN’ HERO™ line, where denim goes back to its roots to reinvent its future. The fabric is actually a rediscovery of the origins of denim, going back to the concept of working clothes used by miners, whose range includes unique nuance and vintage effects, such as sulfur dyes.

From history we move on to heritage itself with ITV MEMORIES™, developing concepts focused on tradition without giving up on comfort, guaranteeing a top-of-the-range fit. This collection is produced entirely with combed fabrics, achieving a surprisingly cool and lightweight result, highly performing in terms of elasticity.

ITV Innovation

Innovation in fabrics, combined with original stretch features and the continuous search for new weaving techniques, has produced two unique collections: ITV FLEXYBLU™ and ITV SUPERSOFT™.

Thanks to its high elasticity performance levels, ITV FLEXIBLU™ brings out the most highly developed approach to the stretch fabric concept, while remaining true to denim traditional values.

ITV SUPERSOFT™, on the other hand, is a line resulting from the need to combine the technical features of elastic fabric with contemporary and totally new looks. For this purpose, ITV has developed a new weaving technique which is based on careful selection of raw materials: the valuable cottons are woven with exclusive twists and mixes thus ensuring a combed fabric which is elegant and extraordinarily dynamic.

Sustainable Processing

Research, commitment and constantly striving towards innovation are the lynchpins of the ITV approach; this is also true for the three lines dedicated to luxury: ITV SARTORIA™, ITV LUXURYBLENDS™ and ITV CIMOSA™. Cotton is enhanced through a surprising embrace with exclusive yarns such as silk and wool for a stylish and valuable look which culminates in the influences from the ITV SARTORIA™ line, fabrics inspired by the Italian bespoke tailoring tradition combined with the typical artisan skill of Japanese yarns in tailor-made processing which leaves plenty of space for customized elements.

Heritage, research, expertise and masterful handicraft, today, are irreplaceable values for ITV, which go hand in hand, along the path of sustainability.

The whole R&D department at ITV has always been committed to “green” concepts when developing new collections, focusing in particular on research as regards fabric dyes. A shining example of this is the exclusive WINETEX™ technique, where use is made of colouring from waste in the wine supply chain to dye fabrics in a way which is absolutely natural. Moreover this technique guarantees a wide range of colours from raw to brown without any chemicals being used in the wash, changing just the water temperature and pH.ITV Denim

ITV is also developing new indigo dyeing techniques whose aim is to obtain a reactive product reducing the laundry stages in order to cut down on water use and processing times.

The ITV approach to sustainability starts from a selection of raw materials, increasingly based on the use of organic and recycled cotton, also through suppliers compliant with the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) protocol, which has greatly raised the social-sustainable awareness along the supply chain, allowing for concrete and targeted support to the populations originally cultivating cotton.

“Ours is a continuous search for excellence, starting from careful selection of raw materials, such as cotton, through the development of new techniques and technologies which allow us to achieve high-end quality results, as part of a process which is intended and needs to be increasingly eco-sustainable” says Paolo Gnutti, R&D from ITV Denim.



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