Kornit Digital to present latest textile printing technology at SGIA expo 2016

Kornit Digital to present latest textile printing technology at SGIA expo 2016

At SGIA Expo 2016, North America’s leading tradeshow for imaging and printing professionals which will be held at Las Vegas Convention Center from 14-16 September. Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology to showcase its latest technology enabling creative and profitable business models for Kornit users

In the focus of Kornit Digital’s exhibit there will be three products that are shown at a North American tradeshow for the first time.

Kornit’s Vulcan is the fastest direct-to-garment printing system in the market, capable of producing up to 250 high quality garments per hour, with dark and light garments printed at the same speed. The company’s new direct-to-garment flagship is a digital platform that for the first time rivals screen printing for mid-to-long runs, due to its extraordinary speed and ink efficiency. Compared to the company’s current systems, Vulcan users can reduce the cost per print by up to 40%. With the Kornit Vulcan, more textile printers and garment decorators can benefit from digital printing advantages which include drastically reduced turnaround times, mass customization capabilities and the elimination of setup costs, coupled with significantly reduced labour and manufacturing space.

The Kornit Allegro, with its print width of 1.8m, is a single-step digital textile printing system that is designed for high-speed end-to-end production, using Kornit’s patented NeoPigment printing process. The system features an inline pretreatment technology and works on a variety of fabrics, both natural and man-made fibres and blends. It is the only industrial textile printer available today that integrates all production steps in a single, integrated production line, removing the need for complicated pre- and post-treatments such as steaming and washing. In fact, it is the fastest way from digital designs to the finished fabric. Relying on Kornit’s proprietary process, textile companies and brands can shorten their turnaround times, cut intermediators and eliminate inventory cost. Because of its resource-efficient technology, saving energy and water, the Allegro is also a top choice for environmental protection, can be located practically anywhere and is especially suitable for local production requirements.

Kornit’s Storm Hexa, which will see its North American launch at SGIA, is one of the most advanced industrial direct-to-garment printing systems for medium-size businesses. Its features include a recirculating ink system to reduce ink consumption and to further optimize reliability, as well as an increased number of nozzles to increase productivity over previous Storm configurations. The new Storm Hexa is equipped with 16 print heads and two additional colours for full CMYK, Red, Green and White support. It is the system of choice for colour conscious applications such as the production of promotional and brand related garments. It also can produce up to 170 garments per hour in high productivity mode. The Storm Hexa will be shown on the booth of Hirsch, Kornit Digital’s North American distribution partner.

Kornit’s presence will be completed by a host of high-quality samples produced on Kornit’s systems. Kornit Digital’s patented NeoPigment printing process features one-step printing with inline pre-treatment, compatibility with a variety of fabrics and outstanding print quality.

Kornit is a full solution provider that also produces its own NeoPigment ink series, as well as software and workflow solutions, complemented by an international service and support network.

Together with their unique textile inks developed specifically for the garment printing industry, and their superior textile digital printing solutions for finished garment printing applications, Kornit`s product solutions offer custom digital direct to garment printers worldwide new opportunities for advancement into a new era.

Kornit Digital with their offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific operating a wide network of distribution channels around the globe, they are committed to providing their customers with the best service.


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