Four animated films on nonwovens are now available on the homepage of Groz-Beckert

Four animated films on nonwovens are now available on the homepage of Groz-Beckert

People have always been fascinated by animated images. This fascination stems not only from the animation itself, but from the feature to change the timing. This means that movements invisible to the naked eye due to the speed of animation can be made perceptible

Groz-Beckert 1This becomes an issue even during the mechanical bonding of nonwoven fabric. At speeds of up to 3,000 strokes per minute, the movement of felting needles can hardly be perceived. In the media center of the Felting range of products on the Groz-Beckert homepage at and via the app “myGrozBeckert”, you will now find four animations on fibre preparation, needling of nonwoven fabrics and structuring.

The animation “From fibre to nonwoven” analyses the movement of the needle and provides you with a detailed and time-delayed illustration of the overall process of nonwoven fabric manufacture. The other animations, “Focus on felting needles”, “Focus on fork needles” and “Focus on crown needles” illustrate the action of the felting needle in flat needling and the actionGroz-Beckert  2 of the fork and crown needles in structuring.

The animated images of the behaviour of fibres when the needle plunges into the product groove explicitly illustrate the changes and thereby deliver an advantage over statistical representations. You can follow how fibres bond and loops are formed, and the animation helps you better understand how nonwoven products mechanically bond during needling.

In addition to the textile-technical visualization, the animations also provide you with an entirely new perspective on depiction of targeted nonwoven fabric characteristics based on needle Groz-Beckert 3selection. Felting needles thus achieve a flat and uniform surface, while fork needles make a grainy, and crown needles a velvet-like surface.

Interested? Then click here to go straight to the animations.

 All needle types are available in different versions from Groz-Beckert. Our qualified personnelGroz-Beckert  4 will be glad to help you choose a product.

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