Sears Canada in modernisation phase

Sears Canada in modernisation phase

Sears Canada Inc. unveiled on August 24, 2016 a fresh logo to carry the national retailer forward.  This new look represents the most recent development in a series of strategic initiatives to re-invigorate and revitalize Sears Canada across all lines of business from e-commerce to in-store experiences, and from merchandise selection and curation to marketing communicationsSears Canada

In Canada since 1953, this is the brand’s most dramatic logo transformation in 32 years.  The clean and contemporary logo features a timeless font with a fresh take on the maple leaf, signalling a redefined modern era for the brand. 

“We are proud to unveil this symbol of reinvention for Sears Canada,” said Brandon G. Stranzl, Executive Chairman, Sears Canada Inc.  “Sears is changing, and our new logo asserts the modern and streamlined image and consumer experience for which we are striving in-store and online.”

The logo made its first public appearance at the Promenade Mall store in Thornhill, Ontario and the Mapleview Centre store in Burlington, Ontario, earlier this summer as part of significant renovations taking place at those locations that are designed to re-engineer the Sears shopping experience.  These two stores are the prototype for what Sears has referred to in previous news releases as its Sears 2.0 stores, focusing on moving Sears physical retail stores to a more productive model, with a customer-focused assortment and a more flexible layout to optimize productivity and in-store experience.  The initial iteration of this new store concept is expected to be completed in September for Promenade and in November for Mapleview.

Over the coming months, consumers can also expect an improved online shopping experience resulting from significant e-commerce enhancements as well as the introduction of new name brand fashion lines, all focused on the goal of providing consumers great quality products at amazing prices.

Sears Canada, which employs more than 17000 Canadians with 154 corporate stores and 106 Hometown stores nationwide, is committed to evolving and modernizing its business model in order to better compete in Canada’s fiercely competitive retail landscape.

Ontario and Alberta residents will see the logo appear during store renovation projects and the pilot testing of the new e-commerce site this summer.  Canadians across the country can expect to see the new logo later in the fall, when the website is rolled out nationwide, and on newly designed Sears shopping bags, Catalogues, and retail store flyers.

The Sears Brand Evolution

–        The Simpsons-Sears Era: 1953 – 1973

The first iterations of the logo carried the names of Sears Canada’s two founding parent retail companies.

–        Dropping the “Simpsons:” 1973 – 1984  

To reduce brand confusion with existing nearby Simpsons stores, the Company moved its branding and marketing materials to feature the Sears name as a stand-alone.

–        Independent with a new look: 1984 – 2016

Sears Canada formally changed its corporate name to Sears Canada Inc. in 1984 and adopted a new logo.  In 1996, the brand added a small maple leaf, demonstrating its Canadian identity in a more prominent manner.

Sears Canada is a multi-channel retailer with a network that includes 154 corporate stores, 106 Hometown stores, over 1100 catalogue and online merchandise pick-up locations, 82 Sears Travel offices, and a nationwide repair and service network.  The Company also publishes Canada’s most extensive general merchandise catalogue and offers shopping online.

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