U.S. Mantaline Corporation adds new facility for Injection Moulding and Thermoplastic Extrusion

U.S. Mantaline Corporation adds new facility for Injection Moulding and Thermoplastic Extrusion

Mantaline Corporation has expanded its manufacturing capabilities by adding a new facility in Hiram, OH.  This addition, aptly named the Thermoplastic Extrusion and Injection Moulding Innovation Centre, enables the company to address a new set of requirements residing within the current customer base as well as creating a platform for growth

“This facility permits us to blend a whole new set of materials with state-of-the-art processing,” said Tom Mlinar, Vice President of Business Development for Mantaline Corporation. “We are pleased to offer our customers new advances in thermoplastic injection molding and thermoplastic extrusion which will assist them as they compete in their served markets.”

The building is air conditioned building which assists in keeping materials and equipment moisture free. On the extrusion line a separate drying system to completely eliminate moisture from the raw materials is part of the overall manufacturing plan. The first of what will be several extrusion lines is outfitted with two new state-of-the-art quality assurance digital comparators. This permits associates the ability to monitor product being formed by three extruders in-line, in-process so that real time quality is “baked-into” the product.

The thermoplastic materials (TPE, TPV, and TPO) have many benefits including the ability to be formed economically in a wide variety of processes, colour-matching, and recyclability. This material group is extremely environmentally friendly, which helps customers, such as auto-makers, reach their long term goals.

“With this facility we harness “best available” technology.  Our goal to deliver strategic componentry that enhances automotive safety and as wellMantaline-Opens-New-Facility-90-1471869605MR as improve the esthetic beauty to the end product,” explained Mlinar. “This facility allows us to work around the clock with new capacities and capabilities and add new products to our portfolio.”

The company expects to run two shifts immediately at the 30000 square foot facility. In addition, the site provides the venue for longer-term expansion; the building sits on an eight acre site.  The Hiram Plant is about 15 minutes from the company headquarters in Mantua, Ohio, USA.

The mayor and council president were among the large group of attendees of local residents and associates on hand to celebrate the grand opening on August 17, 2016.

Founded in 1964, Mantaline is headquartered in Mantua, Ohio and currently employs about 175 associates. The company is a Tier 1 supplier to the global commercial vehicle market, especially heavy trucks, and a Tier 2 supplier to the automotive industry.

Mantaline Corporation is an employee-owned, world-class leader known for its engineering competence, quality and precision in the design, development, and production of precision moulded and extruded components for a variety of industrial markets.  Recently this expertise has come to include materials of sophisticated thermoplastic formulations as well as an extensive variety of rubber and silicon materials.


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