PCI Wood Mackenzie to host World Fibres Conference in Hong Kong

PCI Wood Mackenzie to host World Fibres Conference in Hong Kong

Delegates attending the World Fibres Conference on November 9-10, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong, Kowloon East, will hear about the latest developments in raw materials, fibres and textiles and receive strategic insight on the forces influencing these complex, interdependent sectors. The key note speaker this year is Rajen Udeshi, President – Polyester Chain at Reliance Industries who will provide an executive overview of the sector. Other presenters will include Alasdair Carmichael, of PCI Wood Mackenzie, who will present the global fibres outlook, and Bruna Angel, also of PCI Wood Mackenzie, will offer her view on cotton

“Times are as challenging as ever in the global fibre and textile industry,” says William Chapman, PCI Wood Mackenzie’s Head of Fibres.  “Overcapacity in China has been intensified by lower local growth rates.  Falling oil and raw material prices have driven yarn prices lower. New investments elsewhere are making it difficult for China to export their excess product.  At the conference, we’ll review the trends and share our thoughts on what 2017 holds in store. Join us to network with industry leaders and hear the latest thinking as you set your business plans for the coming year”

A global view of key fibres markets; world class analysis of economic trends

Alasdair Carmichael will discuss how global economic and social trends will affect the fibres mix, including how the locations of manufacturing supply chains, and the production technologies used by the industry are shaping growth. Industry leaders will consider topics from sustainability, international trade dynamics and how geography affects competitive advantage, to changes in consumer health, lifestyle and demographics. Senior industry analysts will shed light on how volume demand for key fibre types, and explore the specific needs of each market segment, with particular focus on how this will affect the raw material and fibre chains for polyester, nylon, cotton and viscose. 

To put discussions in context, the programme includes a review of the global economy and the outlook for oil prices, drawing on Wood Mackenzie’s upstream research. The team will consider the outlook for polyester and nylon margins and how the failing cotton harvests will affect other fibre types. Bruna Angel will review how likely the China reserve is to maintain supply and avoid more demand destruction and a prolonged drift to MMF, in the face of volatile cotton prices. Other debates will cover the extent to which viscose may be able to make up any cotton shortfall and whether polyester can continue to steal market share from the other fibres.

Presenters will also consider the trends influencing fibre choices by textile and garment companies, retailers and final consumers. The team will consider the place that nonwovens takes in fibre demand, and the outlook for recycled fibres and textiles, as the outlook for the circular economy for textile supply chains changes in the face of rising commodities prices. Last, we will consider how global trade in fibre and textiles is changing, as China drives for specialty products and Vietnam and other Asian countries become larger suppliers.

The focused 1.5 day agenda will include constructive debate, bringing together senior strategists, procurement leads, planners, business managers and marketers across these diverse industries. Analysis and discussion will draw on PCI Wood Mackenzie’s broad and deep insight into oil, energy and petrochemicals, through chemical fibre raw materials and fibres themselves, to end-use fibre applications. 

Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk Analytics business, is a trusted source of commercial intelligence for the world’s natural resources sector. We empower clients to make better strategic decisions, providing objective analysis and advice on assets, companies and markets.

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PCI Wood Mackenzie is a trusted source of chemicals, polymers and fibres intelligence. We were formed by the acquisition of The PCI Group by Wood Mackenzie. We help our clients to make the best decisions using our proprietary data, combined with in-depth, unbiased and trustworthy insight that draws on our regular contact with senior management at all levels in industry. Our analysis spans the major aromatic and olefin chemicals, key polymers, and fibres, with particular focus on the polyester and nylon value chains. It is integrated with Wood Mackenzie’s upstream, refining and metals and mining analysis.


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