A greener environment is played as a trump card in China

A greener environment is played as a trump card in China

A cleaner environment this is the wish of many Chinese people, but also in the textile and clothing area. TextileFuture has received an interesting company story in this respect from a waste recycling source.

Zhejiang Green Universe Environmental Protection Co., Ltd was founded in Oct.2012, is a national high-tech enterprise which focus in waste resources recycling and environmental protection. The company is always committed to the development and utilisation of recycling resources, now our existing plant can recycle 120 kilotonnes of waste textiles, and with advantages of low energy consumption, no pollution, high degree of automation because it takes advantage of the use of self-developed technology and equipment. Realising the green recycling of waste resources, the firm fundamentally solves second pollution occurring when traditional recycling is practised.

The main product are recycled PET chips. The performance is almost alike as described above and it can be transferred into polyester filament yarn stable fibre yarn, stable fibre, spunbond nonwoven fabrics, film and BCF, according to customers demand.

As a resources recycling enterprise, the Chinese enterprise disposes of a GRS certificate of Control Union, the GREEN FIBER certificate of China Chemical Fibres Association, greenery verified by INTERTEK and the verified of average carbon footprint. Become one of the earliest supplier with the green verified in China.

During the “thirteen five year”, company will build a new recycling project which have the capacity of recycling 250 kilotonnes/year. It will be based upon the latest R&D technology of chemical recycling, and Zhejiang Green Universe Environmental Protection is planning invest total CNY 1150 million, thererof CNY 820 million in fixed-assets.

The company’s first chemical recycling equipment with capacity of 100 kilotons/year has started construction in March 2016,and will be completed and put into operation at the end of 2016.At that point, it is projected a further build up with supplemental equipment and a recycling capacity of 150 kilotons/year. After the completion of the whole project, the production capacity will reach 370 kilotons/year and become one of the largest manufacture base of recycling resources in China. The firm then expects to be the pacemaker of environmental recycling industry in its country.   


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