KNOCKS socks relaunches Original Designer Sock Line

KNOCKS socks relaunches Original Designer Sock Line

U.S. Branden Roark is relaunching a two-year-old product line he hopes will knock more of his socks on

Roark, the founder and CEO of KNOCKSsocks LLC, is unveiling The Millennial, a rebranded version of a designer sock style he created and began marketing as The Mullet two years ago. The rebranding decision follows months of customer-profiling and feedback that confirmed young professionals are the primary purchasers of KNOCKSsocks. Research also showed that “Mullet” is often viewed by younger buyers as a dated term.

Millennian SockBut the design itself is not. The Millennial appeals to young and affluent professionals whoFisherman Sock want to wear business attire while expressing their own individuality, Roark said. The Millennial features a solid black or gray design on the front of the sock, making it ideal to wear with suits and other business attire. Conversely, the bottom, back and less visible parts blaze with bright colours, polka dots and the signature red line that identifies all KNOCKSsocks products.

KNOCKSsocks are made with 100 percent Italian-sourced thread comprised of 80 % cotton, 17 % nylon and three percent Lycra®. Roark’s strategy is to compete head-on with other high-end sock brands by providing the same level of quality at less than half the price point.

Gardener Sock“Our socks are around USD 18 a pair for what you’d typically pay about USD 50 for,” Roark said. “We’re able to keep our prices lower because our business model eliminates the middle man and cuts our overhead in the selling process,” he said.

According to a 2014 report by the The NPD Group, which tracks consumer spending and buying trends, not only are men’s socks increasingly viewed as fashion pieces instead of commodities, the sock industry is one of the few clothing categories where the growth in men’s apparel is outpacing women’s.

“Ultimately, we believe socks will become more of a fashion item than a routine footwear accessory. Our goal is to be at the forefront of the trend,” Roark added.

Founded in 2014, KNOCKSsocks LLC is a Dallas-based marketer of high-end designer socks. Made in Italy, KNOCKSsocks targets fashion-conscious men with a combination of sophisticated style and individual expression.

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