P.K. Subban designs his first ever fashion collection for autumn 2016 with RW&CO

P.K. Subban designs his first ever fashion collection for autumn 2016 with RW&CO

Hockey player, philanthropist, model, comedian… It seems that P.K. Subban can do everything!And as of this Fall, he can add fashion designer to the list

Known for his impeccable style, the 27 year old launches his exclusive collection of men’s suits in collaboration with Canadian retailer RW&CO. It turns out, this multi-talented athlete knows a lot more about fashion than we think!

One more title for P.K.!

After 17 years in the menswear arena, RW&CO. took yet another offensive stance on suiting with this power play, partnering with P.K. Subban to design his first ever exclusive collection of men’s suits. 

The process started with the strong interest of the athlete to design his own collection, and RW&CO. made it happen for him. The 6 month process started with PK’s research of different inspirations, narrowing it down to the type of styling of suits he liked, and choosing the fabrics, trimmings and finishings. A presentation of the six suits on live models took place in Montreal as PK gave his last comments and shared his vision of how they should look as finished products.

The designer of the new collectionThe multitalented P.K. Subban proves to us once again that the way we look is important, and that anything is possible when you’re wearing a suit: ” I live in the moment, no challenges are too big, no adversities unconquerable” says Subban.

Elegant and sharp, with a polished cool twist, this designed by P.K. Subban collection features 6 different suits, 8 shirts, belts, cufflinks, tie bars and hats, a complete head to toe look that is #PKAPPROVED.

The complete collection will be sold online and in 22 select RW&CO. stores, with shirts and accessories in 45 stores across the country.

”P.K. Subban is exemplary for being strong, ambitious and confident. He inspired us last year to offer a new athletic fit to young hockey players and athletes of all types, to better suit them up, so they have more room to move. By showcasing his new designer label, we hope to show all our customers that they too can be at the top of their style game, like him”, says Kathy Tsolakos, Vice President of Marketing and Visual Presentation for RW&CO.

Shot by renowned photographer Chris Nicholls, the photo-shoot for his collection takes place in a Toronto studio, where his two brothers Jordan and Malcolm Subban, all naturals in front of the lens, join him. Power, Strength, Unison and Play exudes from this shoot.

The first objective of this campaign is to demonstrate that every man can show off his style, reach his goals and feel comfortable in his suit: P.K. Subban and his brothers perfectly embody it, all wearing his exclusive collection.

“This has been a fun and exciting experience to partner with RW&CO. Both my brothers Malcolm and Jordan like the collection, and with this opportunity that came along, it’s something I am very passionate about, designing clothes and being creative and being fashion forward. I love to leave my house looking a certain way and to be able to create something that is going to empower young men across the country. RW&CO. gave me the opportunity to share my ideas, the whole team has a passion for fashion, they were willing to test the boundaries and continue to stay innovative, and it’s really a perfect fit with my vision.

This line is something I would wear, and who ever wears one of the six suits will feel comfortable and look good. They will like the style, colours, fabrics and details, plus they are all affordable, starting at CND 400 for a full suit. I cannot wait to hear what people will say when they wear my suit, cannot wait to hear the reviews, I am real proud of them.” says P.K. Subban.

The Autumn 2016 P.K. Subban Suiting Collection is available in shades of royal blue, greys and burgundy. Prices range from CND 398 to CND 517 for a complete suit. The suits are available in three fits: Slim, Tailored and Athletic. Blazers range in size from 34 to 48. Shirts range in size from XS to XXL with 13″ to 18.5″ neck measurements and are offered in three fits (athletic, slim and tailored). Pant sizing ranges from 28 to 38 with a length of 34 that can be tailored shorter or longer.

The full collection will be available online (first link below), and exclusively in selected RW&CO. stores across Canada, as of August 22, 2016.

RW&CO., a division of Reitmans /Candada) Ltd., offers fashions catered to men and women who take pride in looking sharp on all occasions. With curated collections of well-crafted city wear featuring a strong attention to detail, the company is dedicated to style, fit and fashion. RW&CO. operates just over 80 stores averaging 4500 square feet in premium locations in major shopping malls across Canada, as well as online.

Reitmans (Canada) Limited is Canada’s leading specialty fashion retailer. Founded in Montreal in the early 1900s by Herman and Sarah Reitman, the Company today employs 10,000 Canadians and operates over 750 stores across Canada through its banners Addition Elle, Penningtons, Reitmans, RW&CO., Thyme Maternity, Hyba and Smart Set. Reitmans (Canada) Limited promotes women’s health and welfare through its various community initiatives. Reitmans (Canada) Limited is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.



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