Bondex makes Spunlace Investment

U.S. Bondex makes Spunlace Investment

Bondex, Inc. has invested USD 20 million in an expansion to add hydroentangled spunlace products to their existing portfolio, which currently includes flat and point bonded thermal nonwovens and various laminated and coated products

The spunlace process technology from Trützschler includes a 400 bar high pressure hydroentangling unit fed by a fiber processing line. These assetsBondex will provide Bondex with the capability to produce a wide range of spunlace fabrics from various fiber systems including PPS, Meta and Para Aramid, PET, PP and polyimide in weights ranging from 20 to 600g/m² (0.5 to 18oz/yd²) and in widths up to 225cm (88”). The investment also includes a wide range of finishing equipment such as singeing, calendering, laminating, chemical impregnation, heat setting and slitting.

Bondex plans to provide spunlace material to the filtration market and other specialty applications. The spunlace technology provides recognised advantages in air pollution control filter media including high collection efficiencies equal to ePTFE membrane laminates. The filtration solutions will be commercially available in the fall of 2016 and marketed under the Hydrolox brand name.

Bondex Inc. is part of the Andrew Industries Group which has been a leader in the industrial filtration market for many years. The filtration market has identified unmet needs in the area of collection efficiency and robustness of the filter bag which can be addressed through a highly engineered Spunlace solution. Bondex Inc. is committed to continued innovation that will enable the development of other technical fabrics for various applications outside the filtration space including protective apparel, electrical insulation and fire blockers.

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