Covestro continues the spirit of Solar Impulse

Covestro continues the spirit of Solar Impulse

Following the successful around-the-world flight of the solar aircraft Solar Impulse 2, Covestro is supporting a new, related initiative: the Leverkusen-based materials manufacturer will become the first partner of the recently founded ICCT, the International Committee for Clean Technology

Solar Impulse 2

The two founders and Solar Impulse pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg of Switzerland, established this committee to continue the legacy of their project. They also want to continue to demonstrate what is possible with modern materials and efficient technologies – to which Covestro is also committed.

“By flying around the world without a single drop of fuel, the Solar Impulse has shown what can be achieved with the help of the latest technologies available today,” said Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas. “We are all ecstatic to have played an essential role in this historic endeavor. Our support for the ICCT demonstrates our commitment to advances in clean technologies and to providing sustainable solutions, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Starting in 2017, Covestro will serve on the board of the Solar Impulse Foundation, thus sharing responsibility for the new ICCT. The company has been part of Solar Impulse from the beginning and has been a partner for the past six years. The endeavor would not have been possible without the high-tech materials the company provided for the ultra lightweight aircraft, including a special polyurethane foam that made the cockpit particularly lightweight and also provided optimal insulation against the heat and cold.

The solar aircraft recently landed in Abu Dhabi, returning to the airport from which it began its journey some 16 months before to complete the first manned around-the-world flight without a single drop of fuel. Before and during the flight, the men behind the Solar Impulse had already persuaded 400 institutions and organisations that want to do their part for the cause to join the #futureisclean initiative. The new committee seeks to continue the work of the initiative by working as a non-governmental organization to inspire companies as well as individuals worldwide to work for a clean future.

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