Textyle-Expo, the first ever International Fair for Textile & Fashion in Algeria

Textyle-Expo, the first ever International Fair for Textile & Fashion in Algeria

The International Textile and Fashion Fair, “Textyle-Expo” will be organised by CGCOM at the Exhibition Centre of Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Conventions Centre in Oran, from April 2-5, 2017

“TEXTYLE-EXPO” is under the high patronage of the Algerian minister of industry and mines. The first ever International Fair for Textile & Fashion in Algeria.

Facts on Algeria

Mediterranean country, the gate of Africa and centre of the Maghreb, Algeria is the biggest country in the continent with an area of nearly 2.5Textyle Expo square kilometers and dynamic demographics (natural growth rate of around 2.2% per year with 39.5 million inhabitants on January 2015 and a forecast of 40.4 million in 2016), Algeria has the highest GDP per capita in North Africa (USD 14259 parity of purchasing power) and the fourth GDP of Africa (USD 214 billion in 2014).

The natural resources of its subsoil (especially oil and gas: the fourth largest exporter) generate 97% of export revenues (USD 58.3 billion in 2014) and 60 % of budgetary revenues.

The rise of oil prices on international markets in 2000 gave the Algerian authorities the ability and the support to achieve the economic and social development ambitions.

Algeria has a healthy macroeconomic situation with an external debt of less than 2 % of GDP and foreign exchange reserves of around USD 180 billion USD at the end of December 2014 (covering two and a half years of imports).

Inflationary pressures observed in 2012 (8.9 % versus 4 % inflation in 2011 and 2010) have receded in 2013 with a rate of 3.3 % on annual average year and stabilised at 2 9 % in 2014. Alongside these positive indicators, the unemployment rate decreased in 2013 (9.3%) increased again in 2014 to reach 10.6 % (with a youth unemployment rate of over 25 %), it becomes a concern for the authorities.

Moreover, the fall of oil prices started in the second half of 2014 negatively impacted the external balance of Algeria, and pushes the authorities to implement new policies. Diversification of the economy, modernization and infrastructure development, investment and job creation are the main lines of the country’s development policy.

A comprehensive plan of investments in the period between 2009 and 2014 of USD 286 billion is close to completion. A new five-year plan for the period between 2015 and 2019 is being finalised.

Textile aspects

The apparel market in Algeria represents about 400 million linear meters, USD 2 billion in value, local companies hold less than 10 %.

Algeria has an untapped production capacity of 250 million meters of fabrics per year.

In order to revive the textile sector, the government has developed a financial plan of USD 2 billion granted in 2011 to boost subcontracting.

As for the domestic footwear demand is estimated at 70 million pairs a year while local production only reaches one million pairs.

According to the experts in the textile and leather industry, domestic production does not exceed 4% for ready-to-wear and footwear. The remaining 96 % comes from imports so that makes almost all clothes sold in the country are imported.

It is for these reasons that the Algerian government attaches great importance to this sector by encouraging investments that seek to modernize existing facilities and create others in order to increase its production potential in line with market needs and even export surpluses.

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