News Round-up Part I

News Round-up Part I

In order to let you catch-up with news, new products and other important news items including markets and economic data during the vacation period, TextileFuture has been grouping these novelties to make it easier to find the news of your interest. There will be three parts altogether. Here is Part I

Company Novelties

Lenzing invests More than EUR 100 Million in new production Capacities for Specialty Fibres in Austria

The Lenzing Group is expanding its capacities for specialty fibres. Particularly the importance of the manufacturing facility in Heiligenkreuz, Burgenland, is underpinned. Further investments will be made as well at the production site in Lenzing. “We will invest more than 100 million Euro over the next 20 months to expand production capacities for our high-quality botanic fibres, 70 % at the Heiligenkreuz site and 30 % at Lenzing”, says Lenzing’s CEO Stefan Doboczky. “Given the strong market demand this expansion will help our customers in their growth plans as well as expanding our global market leadership position for speciality fibres”

Lenzing_TeamAs part of its new group strategy sCore TEN, Lenzing set the target of increasing the share of specialty fibres as a proportion of its total revenue to 50 % by the year 2020. Specialty fibres currently account for 41.7% of revenue. The planned capacity expansion of 35000 tons of specialty fibres at the sites in Heiligenkreuz and Lenzing, as well as at the site in Grimsby, Great Britain, is the first step of the announced speciality fibre expansion program of Lenzing AG. Customers will be able to take advantage of some 10000 tons of specialty fibre capacity already by the end of this year.

The major part of investments will be carried out in the years 2016 and 2017. The Lenzing Group will fully utilize its in house engineering competence, supported by local construction companies and suppliers for these projects. The investment in Heiligenkreuz will create 25 new jobs (full-time equivalents). Lenzing AG decided to start its investment program for speciality fibres at its existing sites in Austria and the UK as it allows fast capacity ramp up. The strategic role of the Heiligenkreuz site  as  a  key  location  of  new  types  of  TENCEL®  premium  fibres  developed by researchers and

application engineers in Lenzing in cooperation with customers is strongly underpinned.

Tanatex is a partner to sell Pemethrin based solutions

Can I ask you a question? What do you think is the deadliest animal in the world? Which animal is responsible for 725000 deaths each year? Yes, correct that is the mosquito

TanatexIs there a solution to protect yourself? Yes, permethrin based products have been used for many decades in vector proofing. Vectors are all species of stinging, biting and blood-sucking insects: mosquitos, ticks, sand fleas, mites, which transmit diseases. The World Health Organization also recommends permethrin as public health pesticide.

But due to the new European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), the use of biocides has been regulated, as of September 1st 2016 only officially registered products can be sold.

In this respect, we are proud to share that TANATEX has filed its dossier at BPR to be your partner in Europe to sell permethrin based solutions. Our Insect Proof concept is a long-lasting finish which can be used on all types of fabric, lasts up to 100 washes and is not noticeable to the user. It will not only protect you and your loved ones from infectious diseases such as malaria, Zika virus or Lyme disease, but our concept also protects your belongings against moths, bed bugs and other disagreeable insects.

Additionally TANATEX will be the only supplier in Europe, who can provide a mothproofing agent for wool, based on permethrin, as only TANATEX filed a dossier for the use of permethrin for this kind of application. This product is the well-known EULAN® SPA 01.

The concept can be used for so many applications, such as military, active wear, matrasses, carpets, socks etc. Tanatex is sure we can provide a solution for you.

Huntsman Corporation’s textile effects division emerges DMAI’s winner

The Textile Effects division of Huntsman Corporation has been selected as the overall winner in the 2016 DMAIDyestuff Manufacturers’ Association of India Awards 2016 for recognition of “Excellent Performance in Exports of Dyestuffs by a Large Scale unit. It also won a prize in the category for Excellent Performance in Safety & Hazards Control by a Large Scale unit.

Huntsman Textile Effects received the awards based on innovation, creativity, development and quality. This is the second consecutive year that Huntsman Textile Effects has received award from Dyestuff Manufacturers’ Association of India (DMAI). Previously, DMAI conferred the company with “Pollution Control and Excellent Performance in Safety and Hazards” award for 2014-15 and the “Highest Export and Excellence in Safety & Hazard” for 2015-16.

The awards recognize the outstanding contribution of Huntsman Textile Effects in supporting environment, health and safety and sustainability or the textile industry. Amol Yeola, Regional Marketing Manager Huntsman Textile Effects– South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Sanjay Kadam- Demand Supply Manager- Huntsman Textile Effects received the award. The Baroda manufacturing facility received the awards on behalf of Huntsman Textile Effects.


“Watch Your Wash”, the ITV Denim sustainable Washing Seminar in Los Angeles, USA

Washing and eco-friendly technologies for a surprisingly sustainable denim. ITV Denim’s three-day workshop featuring major fashion brands in the USA: a real think-tank for techniques and practices applied to washing

DSC_0026These are the dates of “Watch Your Wash”, the three day seminar (July 20-22, 2016) on washing which was organized by ITV Denim in Los Angeles featuring major brand names in USA fashion. Three days dedicated to innovations and washing techniques, designed to achieve extraordinary effects and highlight the ITV collection fabrics with one overriding focus: sustainable washing. The workshop was held at the Azteca Laundry one of the most prestigious laundries in Los Angeles, with several branches in the city. The technical partner of ITV Denim for the washing process, from selection to finishing, was NEARCHIMICA, an all-Italian company specializing in chemical fabric processing, distributed on the American market by the prestigious Durachem Group.

There were eight brands involved in this event which ITV chose to dedicate to the US market: PAIGE, FRAME, GUESS, RTA, RED ENGINE, HIDDEN JEAN, ROBIN JEANS, CITIZEN OF HUMANITY.

The major brands on the US market selected this seminar exactly because of the renown as highly experienced partner which the Italian company has been able to build over time, also thanks to its continuous search for new style and technology solutions. Moreover, the staff of the KINGPINS SHOW also featured in the event as special guest.

Innovation, masterful handcraft and excellence in manufacturing have always been the lynchpins of ITV’s approach towards the denim world, withDSC_0078 the search for quality and uniqueness of products resulting in a range of collections and very special washings, which are always designed to highlight the premium fabrics of the Italian company in the best possible way.

Three days of intensive work with two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, all of them dedicated to the various brands, which were then involved in separate sessions, where ITV professionals, supported by the expertise of the DURACHEM group, together with Eugenio Rota of NEARCHIMICA, helped participants discover the final phases of washing, using some of the best denim fabrics from the collections of Industria Tessile del Vomano (ITV), displayed in full in the laundry’s showroom.

Sustainability was bound to be the focus of this initiative, bearing in mind that ITV has long since been committed to manufacturing its products and completing all the relevant processes in an eco-friendly way, a concept which the company strives to promote throughout the fashion industry.

An experience which ITV now wishes to communicate and pass on also to the American market, where it has become a highly reputed andDSC_0008recognisable player.

The garment prototypes, made in Italy following special instructions, were sent to Azteca Laundry, where the Padilla family, manager of this prestigious enterprise, prepared them for the workshop. Among the most innovative techniques used, special mention should be made of laser finishing. A very interesting technical application designed by NE- ARCHIMICA is the product called “Booster NCS”, a solution designed to boost laser efficiency, making it unnecessary to use permanganate later on, while achieving the same outcome; in combination with a fabric with a white internal fibre, because indigo does not penetrate, the result is a unique product which requires just two laundering phases.

Another ITV-branded innovation is the “Winetex®” dyeing technique which reacts to washing changing only the pH and water temperature, with no need to use chemicals; all this results in jeans which, for the first time, are 100% organic, from fabric to dyeing, including the washing stages.

The Seminar ended with a stylish cocktail party at the Blackwood Coffee Bar on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, to celebrate with all participants the great success of the workshop, the first one organized by ITV Denim for the US market. The wish to surprise, an approach always geared to a unique way of treating denim plus outstanding technical and technological expertise: these are the key factors which have turned ITV into one of the most innovative Italian companies worldwide, and it is exactly within this framework that the project “Watch your wash” has been designed.

(Barbara Gnutti (ITV DENIM) + Monica Padilla (Azteca Dye & Laundry) + Eugenio Rota (Nearchimica) It was a truly extraordinary, unique and insightful experience. During the seminar we focused on a specific topic, which we are very keen on as a company, but most importantly as human beings. Our finishing processes should be increasingly original, fashionable and unique, in order to highlight the premium qualities of our denim fabric range: all of this using eco-friendly and sustainable technologies. This is a long-standing commitment for ITV in respect of its clients and the whole industry”, says Barbara Gnutti – ITV’s Commercial Manager.


Inditex to team up with Lenzing for textiles recycling in Spain and beyond

Inditex, a Spanish multinational clothing company to team up with Lenzing to commit to the circular economy model in all phases of its production. It will be focusing on creating premium textile raw materials from its fabric scraps, initially involving about 500 tons of textile waste.

The collaboration is meant to kick-start a clothing collection campaign as well as a reuse and recycling programme for discarded garments. The aim is to raise this to around 3 000 tons within a few years, said Inditex’s chairman and CEOhief  Pablo Isla, on July 26, 2016.

The recycling initiative will provide Lenzing with enough fabric to produce about 48 million garments. Zara, Inditex’s flagship store, produces an estimated 450 million items of clothing annually. Zara will pilot a free clothing collection scheme for online deliveries in Madrid this September. As a first step, the company plans to install up to clothing collection bins Zara stores and hotspots throughout the city with help of local charity Cáritas.

Isla announcing the company’s 2016-2020 Environmental Strategy Plan said that he ultimately hopes to roll out this project on a national scale. This will see Inditex install up to 2000 collection bins across Spain. Inditex has announced donating EUR 3.5 million (USD 3.9 million) over two years to modernize Cáritas’ existing garment sorting and treatment plants.


Lectra to open its new subsidiary in Vietnam

Lectra, an industry-leading technology company based in Paris, France involved in integrated technology solutions for the textile, home interior, technical textiles and composite materials, announced the opening of its new subsidiary Lectra Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City on July 1, 2016.

Lectra has been present in Vietnam for over 20 years and represented by its agent Ly Sinh Cong Trading Service Company (LSC) for the past twelve years. The new subsidiary will take over LSC’s team and financial assets.

With the opening of the Vietnam subsidiary, Lectra is continuing its development plans in Asia. Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO, thanking the 5.5% growth in the first quarter of 2016, said that Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic economies. It is a top choice for manufacturers who focus on production costs and brands seeking to diversify supplies. The transpacific agreement signed in February 2016 will reinforce the attractiveness of the country, where Lectra has many customers, including very large Asian companies.

The presence of a directly owned subsidiary will assist Vietnamese companies in implementing Lectra’s technologies.

This opening of its unit will boost Lectra’s expansion in Southeast Asia and reinforce synergy in sales with the company’s other subsidiaries in the region,” said Yves Delhaye, Managing Director Asean, Australia, South Korea, India.

Several of their Chinese and South Korean apparel customers manufacture a portion of their production in Vietnam.

The apparel industry is especially vibrant in Vietnam. Clothing exports from Vietnam reached USD 21 billion in 2014 and should grow by 8 %, attaining USD 29.5 billion in 2016, nearly a third from local players, according to the French company. Of the 6000 textile and apparel companies, a large number are owned by Chinese, Hong Kong, South Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese companies operating out of Vietnam to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Lectra Vietnam was licensed in May 2016, while the parent group has been actually present in Vietnam for 20 years.

Lectra’s fashion and apparel solutions help companies enhance their value chain and develop better collections with expertise based on best-practice methods and technologies.


LyondellBasell to build High Density Polyethylene plant on U.S. Gulf Coast

LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest plastics, chemical and refining companies, has made the final investment decision to build a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plant on the U.S. Gulf Coast. The plant will have an annual capacity of 1.1 billion pounds (500000 metric tons) and will be the first commercial plant to employ LyondellBasell’s new proprietary Hyperzone PE technology.  The project is expected to create up to 1,000 jobs at the peak of construction and as many as 75 permanent positions. Start-up is planned for 2019

“Innovation is key to our future success.  This new proprietary technology will have the capability to produce a wide range of HDPE products with enhanced properties, many of which have the potential to exceed industry benchmarks,” said Bob Patel, LyondellBasell’s CEO.

HDPE is used in numerous applications such as pipe, bottles, containers, toys, film, healthcare articles, plastic fuel tanks and industrial packaging.  LyondellBasell’s Hyperzone PE enhanced properties include improved stress crack resistance and enhanced balance between stiffness and impact strength.  

The Hyperzone PE technology is a cascade gas phase process based on LyondellBasell’s unique Multizone circulating reactor technology and was developed at LyondellBasell’s European research and development centers located in Frankfurt, Germany, and Ferrara, Italy.  The new proprietary technology will have the capability to produce a wide range of high-performance multi-modal HDPE products. In certain applications, Hyperzone PE resins allow customers to use less PE resin per unit produced, resulting in improved resource efficiency and savings for customers.  While the Hyperzone PE plant will be located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, the products produced will serve markets across the globe.

“We are continuing to invest in growth-oriented projects like Hyperzone PE, where we see long term feedstock advantage,” Patel added.  “We believe that the combination of our latest polyolefins technology and new ethylene capacity from low cost debottlenecks will provide a good return on investment.  Additionally, this project enhances our ethylene integration strategy, allowing us to capture value across the ethylene value chain.”

LyondellBasell currently produces a total of 7.8 billion pounds (3.5 million metric tons) of HDPE annually, including capacity of its joint venture facilities. The company is a leading worldwide producer of all forms of PE with an annual capacity of 13.2 billion pounds (6 million metric tons).  Consumer products made from PE are commonly recycled.

LyondellBasell is a global leader in the development and licensing of polyolefin processes and related catalysts and plans to make the Hyperzone PE technology available for licensing in the future. The company has over 250 polypropylene and polyethylene lines licensed worldwide.

The Hyperzone PE project is part of LyondellBasell’s ongoing growth plan. Recently, the company completed work on ethylene expansion projects at the company’s La Porte and Channelview sites in Texas.  A third ethylene expansion project is currently underway in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Additionally, development of a world scale propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant at the company’s Channelview site is progressing.

LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB) is one of the world’s largest plastics, chemical and refining companies.  The company manufactures products at 57 sites in 18 countries.  LyondellBasell products and technologies are used to make items that improve the quality of life for people around the world including packaging, electronics, automotive parts, home furnishings, construction materials and biofuels. Hyperzone is a trademark owned by the LyondellBasell Industries group of companies.


Coats announces 2016 half year results 

Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer and a major player in the Americas textile crafts market, announces its unaudited results for the six months ended 30 June 2016.


– Revenue of USD718 million maintained; lower sales growth in Q2 due to tougher market conditions

– Operating profit up 24 % to USD 77 million on an adjusted basis (up 44 % reported)

– Industrial profit growth of 27 % delivered by market share gains and cost productivity

– Americas Crafts margin increased, despite tough market conditions, due to focus on costs

– Adjusted EPS up 24 % to 2.08c with higher operating profit and reduction in tax rate offset mainly by unrealised losses on foreign exchange hedges; reported EPS of 1.90c (2015 continuing: 0.25c)

– Adjusted free cash flow for last twelve months of USD 82 million (June 2015: USD 75 million) primarily due to higher profitability

– Acquired Gotex and Fast React; last year’s acquisition GSD performing well

– Continuing settlement discussions with Trustees of the three UK pension schemes and engaging with UK Pensions Regulator to seek to achieve a resolution of investigations

Paul Forman, Group Chief Executive, Coats, said: ‘Coats continued to perform well in the first half of 2016 with operating profit growth of 24 %.  In challenging market conditions, which led to lower sales growth in Q2, we continued to take market share, introduce new and innovative products and drive customer adoption of our eCommerce platform.  

‘We delivered productivity gains, tightly managed our overheads and greater sales volumes led to a positive operational gearing effect.  We completed the acquisitions of Gotex and Fast React, both of which have leading positions in their markets and we are confident they will deliver strong growth under Coats’ ownership.  

‘We will build on progress made during the first half and focus on maintaining our strong cash flows.  However, the tougher market conditions that impacted Q2 sales performance are likely to persist, particularly given macroeconomic uncertainty.  On balance we therefore maintain our previous 2016 guidance.’


News from Reicofil and Reimotec of Reifenhäuser Group at upcoming K-2016

Setting The New Standards    – this is the Reifenhäuser Group’s motto at K 2016 in October. It is a clear statement from the world’s leading mr. Reifenhausermanufacturer of plastics extrusion lines and components: “We are Setting The New Standards beyond the current state of the art,” said CEO Bernd Reifenhäuser at the K 2016 preview in Düsseldorf. “Rethinking is our fundamental strategy. Setting The New Standards is our goal. Rethinking grants permanent innovation. If Rethinking is successful,     its outcome sets new standards. Yes – and we are successful.”

At K 2013, Reifenhäuser’s motto was “Rethinking Technology”. Since then, this approach has been embraced by the company group and has  established itself as the corporate philosophy: “We question all of our solutions. We constantly look for new progressive approaches and like to  think outside the box in order to develop genuine innovations,” explained Bernd Reifenhäuser. This not only creates developments, but progress, and therefore New Standards – for a distinct competitive advantage in the production  of high-quality blown  films, polishing sheets, cast films, monofilaments, strapping tapes and nonwovens.

Reifenhäuser, as the world’s largest manufacturer of extrusion machines, will Reifennhauserdemonstrate what the company means by “Setting The New Standards” at K 2016 in Düsseldorf. The business units and the “Industry 4.0” division will  present  their innovations and technical highlights from October 19 -26, 2016 in hall 17, stand C 22 as well as on 20, 24 and 25 October 20, 24 and 25 at the in- house exhibition in Troisdorf, Germany

Setting The New Standards stands for the highest technological demands, competence and technological leadership. Reifenhäuser offers the advantages of a competence lead and innovative technologies: “At the world’s most important forum for the plastics industry, we demonstrate that we will go the extra mile in terms of extrusion,” stated Managing Director Ulrich Reifenhäuser. “We present to our customers new performance across the  entire  technological  portfolio  and  improvements  in  the  line  details  –  in an industry continuing to exhibit enormous innovative   potential.”

At the K fair, the company will unveil innovations which have the potential to be real chart toppers. Bernd Reifenhäuser: “We have matured our technologies even further. Reifenhäuser is pushing the limits with its new technology highlights and innovative solutions.” The Extrusioneers are Setting The New Standards.

Setting the new Standards: Reimotec with sensors and measuring technologies

The expert in extrusion lines for the production of monofilaments from different raw materials, and strapping tapes from PP or PET flakes intensifies its activities also in the area of clearly optimised sensor and measuring technologies

–              The new sensor system measures monofilament diameters, thick and thin spots (called “slubs”) and is also used to create measurement reports for quality assurance

–              The SDS/IDC system (Slub Detection System / Inline Diameter Control) installed in lines around the world is in high demand also in theReicofil 1 paper industry for the production of filaments. Reimotec measuring systems are key components in these lines as well.

–              Beside trend diagrams with information on tolerances, labels can be printed for the individual spools, and in addition quality certificates can be stored, showing for example the standard deviation of the filament diameter referred to the run length.

–              The proven measuring system was completely redesigned and updated already in 2015. New sensors were developed for the diameter control system which give an absolute value of each filament in contrast to the comparison measurement used before.

–              Totally modernized control system including an up-to-date computer system and specific evaluation software

–              Upgrade of real-time computer for the SDS to ensure a longer spare parts availability

–              With regard to strapping tapes, the 3rd generation of thickness and width controls will now be launched for inline quality control. Here the TCS Tape Control System can identify changes (for example viscosity variations of the raw material) in the extrusion process and their effects on the end product at an early stage to enable process parameters to be adapted accordingly.

–              Reimotec will be exhibiting at K 2016 the ultimate design of both systems and explain customers the benefits of this technology in more detail.

–              The new laboratory line equipped with newest engineering technology will be available at the company’s location in Lampertheim, Germany, for demonstrations as well as product development and further improvement. The extrusion line is able to produce monofilaments, strapping tapes and artificial grass filaments on a laboratory scale.

–              The prototype of a fully automatic strapping tape winder developed in 2015 can be tested in the Reimotec Technology Centre as well as a fully automatic monofilament winder installed in the pilot line.  


Setting new standards: Reimotec Winding Technology High Speed Winder

Reimotec WT is the take-up winder specialist of the Reifenhäuser Group, fully dedicated to providing Reimotec extrusion lines with high techReimotec WT winding equipment.

The new technological developments of Reimotec WT, Italy, concern more specifically monofilament lines and are addressed at providing customers with real benefits. The new high speed winders type B2-250 EB2.LC are an evolution of the successful B2 series winders as used by the majority of high level monofilament producers all over the world for the last 30 years.

This new generation of winders is aimed mainly at the ATT and PMC market where low tension consistency and quality of winding is of the highest importance.

The new technology adopted by the B2-250 EB2.LC involves the use of dancer arm and load cell to effectively control the tension to the highest level of precision. The twin head design facilitates the changeover operation and allows winding of metered bobbins, whilst minimizing the possibility of human error.

Line speeds in excess of 450 m/min can be reached in production with this new generation of winder which perfectly fits the technological developments of Reimotec aimed at high speed production.

With the new B2-250 EB2.LC Reimotec WT perfectly fills the gap between the basic requirements of a reliable winder for standard applications and the fully automated Speed Master RM 1000 which can reach speeds of 1000 m/min.

Reifenhäuser demonstrates digital platform on how industry 4.0 makes intelligent production possible

Realising intelligent production thanks to industry 4.0. At K 2016 in Düsseldorf, Reifenhäuser, the world’s largest manufacturer of extrusion equipment, will demonstrate what the company means by “Setting The New Standards”. For eight days (19 – 26 October 2016), customers have an opportunity to visit Reifenhäuser (hall 17, stand C22) and experience how they can further increase productivity and efficiency with Industry 4.0.

Intelligent and more economical production: Empowered by Industry  4.0

Reifenhäuser Industrie 4.0Even

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