Multi-dimensional Circuit Carriers created with additive manufacturing (3D Printing)

Harnessing Additive Manufacturing technology (3-D Printing)

For this reason, The German firm of Beta LAYOUT GmbH successfully harnessed EOS technology to manufacture and test the prototypes for three-dimensional circuit carriers: The company uses plastic parts manufactured by 3D printing

20160707054921ENPRN383497-EOS-Electrical-1y-1467870561MRThe innovation takes place after the printing process itself; once they’ve been made, the models are coated with a special finish that is furnished with an additive. The subsequent so-called ‘laser direct structuring’ (LDS) generates layouts, which can be turned into conductor tracks by activating the finish.

“We offer manufacturing of 3D-MID (mechatronic integrated devices) as prototypes for diverse companies,” explains Manuel Martin, Product Manager 3D-MID at Beta LAYOUT GmbH.

“Working with EOS’ FORMIGA P 110, we are in a position to deliver high-quality products to our customers fast. What’s particularly practical in all this is that we are even able to deal with orders of 3D models via websites and online shops. Additive manufacturing has enabled us to successfully expand our business model.”

Technical changes lead to high level of cost efficiency  

Whether for individual developers or large established companies, additive manufacturing ensures that custom-made circuit carriers can be used for the prototypes of new electronic devices. The plastic components can be produced quickly and at an attractive price. The process simultaneously offers the necessary level of precision and high component-quality, allowing the required basic body to be manufactured as if it were already a close-to series product – an aspect that should not be underestimated, particularly with test runs.

The complete customer case study you can find online on the EOS website here


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