Swedish ROEJK breaks into new territory with eco-friendly outerwear

Swedish ROEJK breaks into new territory with eco-friendly outerwear 

For many years, the Swedish outdoor brand RÖJK Superwear has put outerwear production on hold despite great demand. But with the new EVO Rover Anorak, that demand is now being met

This stylish anorak is made of a whopping 100% biopolymer, making it one of the most environment-friendly alternatives on the market today.Röjk 1Produced from resin oil rather than petroleum, the EVO fabric is not only good-looking, it is also recyclable and made from resin oil instead of harmful petroleum, and is thus very eco-friendly. All that while being both stretchy and very durable, and at a more than reasonable price tag.

The Rover Anorak is the first piece of outerwear ever produced by RÖJK, up to this point mostly commonly associated with base-layers and mid-layers. Outside of the many benefits of the EVO fabric, both environmental and technical, this is a no-bullshit piece of outerwear for everyday use. The hoodie is fairly close-fitting, while the body has all the room you need to be able to wear it over for example a hoodie. The kangaroo pocket is wide and nice, with mesh on the inside, and can be closed with both buttons and a zipper. The side pockets are actually one big pocket, stretching from side to side, with zippers on both sides and a casing on the inside for adjusting the bottom width.

EVO Rover Anorak will be available in stores from early 2017.

At OutDoor Friedrichshafen, you are welcome to meet with RÖJK and take a look at the Rover Anorak along with many other new items at A5:308 in the Scandinavian Village.


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