Germans like comfortable cotton garments

Germans like comfortable cotton garments

According to the Global Lifestyle Monitor 2016 survey by Cotton USA, the average German likes his/her clothing comfortable, sustainable and preferably made from cotton. Every one or two years, the international survey investigates the changes in customers’ buying behaviours when it comes to fashion and clothing. The majority of German customers (68 %) have no problem paying a higher price for a higher quality. Of this, 78 % prefer to buy offline so that they can check the fabrics and try on the garment.

Nevertheless, the internet has become an important source of inspiration as 34 % of the respondents find creative impulses for their looks online. Two out of three customers trust the websites of brands and retailers to provide them with the latest trends. Moreover, POS-display styles and the looks of peer group members influence the consumer’s taste in fashion (each 33 %) and almost half of the survey participants are led by their own fashion sense (45 %).

Also, the internet is used as an initial tool to check on the latest fashion: 54 % of the participants use it as a research platform, 39 % for comparing prices. One third of the German customers however do not prefer buying online as they believe it is unsafe for their user data. Vague shipping costs and non-discernable qualities were also named as obstacles.

When it comes to buying fashion, comfort including quality and proper fit is the most important buying criteria for the average German customer (96 %). With 78 %, cotton remains the most popular natural fiber due to its good reputation in functionality and sustainability. Most respondents also rate the fabric as authentic, trustworthy and most importantly comfortable.

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