Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Esprit fail Greenpeace International’s Detox Catwalk

Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Esprit fail Greenpeace International’s Detox Catwalk

Greenpeace International has released its 2016 Detox Catwalk assessment, which evaluates how effectively 19 major apparel companies are eliminating toxic chemicals from their supply chains. Benetton, H&M and Inditex were the sole three ‘Avant-Garde’ companies on track for cleaner supply chains by 2020. Esprit, Nike and Victoria’s Secret received bottom rankings under ‘Faux Pas,’ due to the fact that all three companies were not taking action to fulfill this sustainable goal.

The Detox Catwalk’s fashion brands were rated using three criteria. First, how much commitment was underway for the Detox 2020 plan, a system for cleaning up hazardous chemicals in their supply chains. Secondly, how well each company performed PFC elimination, which is where hazardous PFCs are substituted with safer alternatives. Lastly, brands were evaluated for their transparency; how much information was disclosed on apparel suppliers and any hazardous chemicals that they discharge.

Meanwhile, Esprit, Nike and Victoria’s Secret fell into the ‘Faux Pas’ category, for failing most or all of the criteria. Esprit failed to publish data on hazardous chemicals discharged into wastewater. Victoria’s Secret failed to confirm that it eliminated all PFCs by the July 2015 manufacturing deadline. Nike failed on all three categories, for not eliminating all PFCs in its products.

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