A free live Webinar on Wearables by IDTechEx (July 14, 2016)

Free live Webinar on Wearables by IDTechEx (July 14, 2016)

Wearables: The Next Big Thing or the Next Big Disappointment?     The webinar’s presenter is James Hayward, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx    

New wearable technology products have pulled billions of dollars in annual revenue is just a few years. Investment, interest and revenues have soared, accompanied by a cloud of hype that few can deny is now fading (or more precisely, shifting to other sectors). As this occurs, harsh realities are settling in and we are beginning to experience a shake out, not only amongst the crowdfunding optimists, but throughout the industry and the complex value chain. IDTechEx have produced the most comprehensive series of reports on the broad industry, including reports on components such as sensors and textiles, to market sectors such as AR & VR, animals and smart apparel. This webinar will present IDTechEx’s latest wearable technology forecasts, taking a critical look at the success stories so far, and predicting the winners and losers over the coming decade.

The clear focus of IDTechEx’s research is to look at the tech behind the hype, looking at the reasons behind growing market share for various wearable products.

This webinar will present the main conclusions from two of IDTechEx Research’s reports: the upcoming Wearable Technology 2016-2026, and Wearable Sensors 2016-2026: Market Forecasts, Technologies, Players (www.IDTechEx.com/wtsensors).

The agenda covers the following:

•Wearable Technology market and forecast update •Winners and losers by sector •Enabling components for new products •Long term outlook

Exactly the same webinar will be held twice in one day. Please register for which ever session is most convenient for you.

Please note that your details may be shared with our sponsors.

Date:     Thursday 14 July 2016

Duration:             30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A

Webinar No. 1: Europe & Asia-Pacific

9:30am (GMT +1, BST) London

10:30am              (GMT +2, CEST) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome

11:30am              (GMT +3, EEST) Athens, Jerusalem, Moscow

3:30pm (GMT +7) Bangkok

4:30pm (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing

5:30pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul

6:30pm (GMT+11) Canberra

Register for webinar No. 1 now and here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7411803860394480643         

Webinar No. 2: Americas

9:00am (Pacific DT) USA & Canada

10:00am              (Mountain DT) USA & Canada

11:00am              (Central DT) USA & Canada

12:00noon          (Eastern DT) USA & Canada

5:00pm (GMT +1, BST) London

Register for webinar No. 2 now and here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/213009862763691779

Sector shake-up as the hype shifts in the USD 30 billion wearables market

With hype around some of the core wearable technology sectors beginning to wane, IDTechEx have released their latest analysis of this diverse and growing industry in their brand new report Wearable Technology 2016-2026. The report finds the market to be worth over USD 30 billion in 2016, with over USD 11billionn of that coming from newly popular products including smartwatches and fitness trackers. However, despite the total market growing to over USD 150 billion by 2026, IDTechEx forecast shake-ups in several prominent sectors, with commoditization hitting hard, and product form factors changing rapidly

IDTechEx 1

Global wearable technology forecast summary, including 39 forecast lines covering all prominent products today (e.g. smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart eyewear, smart clothing, medical devices and more), but also to many incumbent products (e.g. headphones, hearing aids, basic electronic watches and more). Source: IDTechEx Research report Wearable Technology 2016-2026.

The IDTechEx report covers these trends in granular detail, including 39 separate forecast lines by product type and 60 formal company profiles and interviews compiled from primary research by IDTechEx’s expert analysts. The report also covers all of the industry megatrends that are driving innovation, demand and development, as well as describing application sectors including fitness & wellness, elite sportswear, healthcare & medical, infotainment, commercial, industrial, military, and others. For each, general sector-wide themes are described, but also detailed case studies are used to explain value propositions, end user needs and unmet problems that are driving the market forward.

Fuelled by a frenzy of hype, funding and global interest, wearable technology was catapulted to the top of the agenda for companies spanning the entire value chain and world. This investment manifested in hundreds of new products and extensive tailored R&D investigating relevant technology areas. However, the fickle nature of hype is beginning to show, and many companies are now progressing beyond discussing “wearables” to focus on the detailed and varied sub-sectors. Within this report, we include sections on each key of these key product areas, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart clothing, smart eyewear (including AR and VR), smart skin patches, headphones and more. For each, the key trends are discussed, the key players characterised, and qualified market forecasts provided.

IDTechEx’s expert analyst team has been covering this topic for over three years, including device level studies, but also looking to the component level at displays, sensors, batteries & power solutions, microcontrollers, e-textiles and haptics. This understanding of the entire value chain is used to qualify the market forecasts, and particularly when looking at the future of personal communication devices.

In a unique aspect of this report, IDTechEx outlines a long term case for standalone wearable communication devices as a future evolution of the smartphone. Today, most smartwatches and many fitness trackers still rely, at least partially, on a connection to a smartphone hub. The ubiquity of the smartphone as a central platform has been a key enabler for growth in wearables so far, but all of the largest manufacturers now look to a future, where the hub itself may become wearable. In the report, the authors describes the growth central, personal hub providing connectivity to peripheral devices, whether they be displays, sensor platforms or otherwise. With many smartwatches already beginning to move in this direction, we extend this case further providing a 10 year forecast for growth of devices of this type.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive report covering the entire wearable technology ecosystem. It provides detailed description of all of the hardware challenges and opportunities across the varied device types, and draws from IDTechEx’s case study database of around 1000 companies in the wearable technology value chain. The report lists around 500 companies actively making products (both hardware and software) to support this report. For full details of Wearable Technology 2016-2026, including the table of contents, please see www.IDTechEx.com/wearable.


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