How small business get discounts just like a big Corporation

How small business get discounts just like a big Corporation

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration there are over 28 million small businesses in America that account for 54 % of all U.S. sales. So small business is big business! But any small business owner will tell you, they consistently experience frustration when dealing with their service providers – no service, no support…and NO DISCOUNTS!

That’s why the Business Discount Exchange (BDE) negotiates discounts on behalf of its members using its “power in numbers” negotiating strategy – now this one-way paradigm is a thing of the past.

BusinesDiscountLOGO“The Business Discount Exchange’s only goal is to be a true partner and to save small and medium-sized businesses money,” stated Bob Wieden, President of the Business Discount Exchange. “The idea of combining buying power has been used in retail for years, but now it’s time for businesses from across the U.S. to join together in the BDE and turn our buying power into a juggernaut that demands attention.”

The Business Discount Exchange started as an offline, ad-hoc group of small business owners that starting buying goods together and that quickly gained momentum, and now continues to grow as a robust website. The website allows BDE members from across the country to self-manage and automate their discounted products and services in a fast, streamlined fashion. Current business discounts span a wide range, including shipping discounts, printing discounts, merchant services discounts, web design discounts…and much more. Even better, all projects are monitored and managed by the BDE service account team to ensure member satisfaction.

“Joining the Business Discount Exchange should be a simple decision for any business owner if you look at the ROI and what they can save by using their discounts,” noted President, Ram Motillal of Diversified Manufacturing Corp. and a happy member of the BDE. “I started by saving money on website design services and now I save on my shipping, printing and credit card processing costs – it has all added up to saving thousands. Now when I have a new project, that’s who I contact,” added Motillal.

The BDE end result is a win-win. Happy members now getting the discounts they deserve…and service providers appreciating and caring about their business.

Because when SMBs join together in the Business Discount Exchange…we all get stronger!

The Business Discount Exchange is the brainchild of a group of small business owners that consistently saw that the vendors they needed to run their business didn’t really service or treat them the way they thought was fair – especially when it came to pricing. Using a “power in numbers” negotiating strategy, their goal is to be an advocate for SMBs to get more attention – more service – and more discounts!

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