US Colorwear unveils a new way to wear your own Colouring Creation

US Colorwear unveils a new way to wear your own Colouring Creation

America’s Greenest Apparel Company(TM) debuts the next phase of the Adult Colouring Book Art Craze

Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular over that past year, not only for artistic entertainment, but for the mental, emotional, and intellectual benefits. Colorwear(TM) aimed to take the colouring craze to another level by letting its customers show off their imaginative conceptions to the world instead of keeping them trapped inside of a book. Not only can Colorwear(TM) be a solo, therapeutic activity, but has also inspired groups of people to gather together to have Colorwear(TM) parties.

ColorwearColorwear(TM) stems from The Mountain®, the original Artwear company founded over 20 years ago and well known for the iconic Three Wolf Moon and Big Face® t-shirts. Colorwear(TM) t-shirts are manufactured by the same people, in the same facilities, which means sharing the same values. Colorwear(TM) also has a Green philosophy when it comes to its production process. It strives to operate its company and produce products in a way that protects the environment, provides high quality apparel to its customers, and supports its employees and artists. What better way to celebrate its existing community of artists and Artwear at The Mountain than to incorporate an experience where customers become the artists themselves, and each t-shirt is a unique creation.

Colorwear(TM) designs are created by many amazing artists, including: Hello Angel, Valentina Harper, Delyth Angharad, Filippo Cardu, and Jennifer Nilsson.

With each t-shirt, customers will receive their choice of design, a six pack of Tulip® Fabric Markers®, and a colourboard. Each shirt is dyed using organic dyes with designs printed using soft, non-toxic water-based inks. Colorwear(TM) gives everyone the opportunity to show their unique, expressive creations by choosing from a vast range of animals, mandalas, inspirational, fantasy, gardens, holidays, and aquatic life. Customers can choose the design and t-shirt colour combination that best speaks to them, and then simply begin expressing their own personal style through colouring.

Colorwear(TM) is available now on the company website, and will become available to retailers interested in carrying the line in the middle of July 2016 on wholesale:

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