Italian ITV Denim innovation weaves excellence to produce change

Italian ITV Denim innovation weaves excellence to produce change

The quest for excellence is the true essence and vocation of ITV Denim, the world’s point of reference for the production of premium denim fabrics. How is that turned into reality? With outstanding creativity and 100 % Italian craftsmanship, always bound together by the wish to amaze. It is precisely this unique character that has always made ITV Denim the symbol of a different way of making denim, founded on the strong and resolute personality of the Gnutti family, which has been at its helm for two generations

This character has shaped the approach that distinguishes every collection and guides the advanced technological research that inspires all of ITV Denim’s innovation. The goal is change, progress that will break out of the mould and run off the rails to create new roads and paths of exploration.

J.Christopher-(xweb)Established in 1972, ITV Denim immediately introduced the values of the best Italian tradition to the industry. Backed by a totally vertical structure that embraces the entire production chain, from the cotton to the finished product, ITV Denim has always devoted itself to service focussed on its customers, with whom it sets out to create actual partnerships and relationships based on trust. Working with ITV Denim in fact means joining a big family that always has respect as a priority, a deep respect for the product and stylish solutions, and above all for the people who are at the heart of every relationship and process.

All these are peculiarities that distinguish ITV Denim’s approach. This approach allows the company to create a superior quality product enriched by the unique experience of being made in Italy, therefore ideal for meeting the needs of the most prestigious premium brands, in addition to being constantly on the cutting edge thanks to the attention dedicated to its search for the trends rising up out of the street and from denim lovers the world over. This is why ITV Denim’s experts and collaborators travel all around the globe mainly seeking out one thing: uniqueness. This is an extraordinary wealth of knowledge that every day increasingly enriches ITV Denim’s portfolio of innovations and that then comes to life in Sartoria, the company’s nerve centre for researching styles and washes, where all the inputs and inspirations come together to create new ideas.

Uniqueness is what guides the research, and is also the raison d’être that sets ITV Denim’s technological development apart from the others. The looms used for the production are customised owing to the refined research carried out by the Gnutti family to adapt them to the high styling and quality goals that the company has set. This offers enormous flexibility in working with its customer to achieve products having all but handcrafted characteristics. Technology customization is a common thread that ITV extends to the entire machinery sector, from spinning to dyeing, including the finishing processes.

ITV Denim today serves all the most influential denim markets in the world and is one of the most renowned Italian manufacturers, enhanced by its innate aptitude to meet the market’s requirements with quality and refinement. This approach also led the company to win the Glob- al Denim Award promoted by HTNK, Kingpins Show, House of Denim and e3.

As it emerges from the words of Paolo Gnutti, R&D Head of ITV Denim: “What distinguishes ITV Denim’s character is first of all the desire to achieve an innovation always in motion, always ready to take up new challenges and to change the rules of the game.” For ITV Denim, every day is a step taken towards change. That is because nothing is conventional when excellence is innovation.

The new FW 17/18 collection and interesting collaborations made with the designers Jonathan Christopher and Alexandra Frida, with whom ITV Denim also participated in the prestigious Global Denim Award and Woolmark Prize.

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