X-Rite and Al Shihab Al Thahabi host Colour Management Seminar in Dubai

X-Rite and Al Shihab Al Thahabi host Colour Management Seminar in Dubai

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in colour science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, partnered with distributor Al Shihab Al Thahabi to conduct a successful Colour Management Seminar in Dubai on 24 May 2016

This well-attended seminar focused on how integrated end-to-end colour measurement and management solutions from X-Rite Pantone and its partners canXRITE pr16012_Image 3 make a difference in a wide variety of industrial applications, ranging from paint & coatings to textiles, plastics, food, construction chemicals and more, delivering improved quality, productivity and profitability while reducing waste and improving time to market.

Al Shihab Al Thahabi is a U.A.E. based company with a long history of trading in the Arabian Peninsula. Its central location enables next-day delivery of materials and equipment to most locations in the region.

“We were pleased to join with X-Rite Pantone in delivering this vital information to our community,” said Shamil Majeed, Sales Manager of Al Shihab Al Thahabi. “We had great attendance and participants were engaged throughout, leaving the session with actionable ideas they could take back to their businesses for immediate implementation. Seminars such as this one are crucial to ensuring that companies in our region stay up to date on the latest colour trends, technologies and techniques to maintain their competitive advantage.”

Attendees experienced fully integrated colour solutions that address the specific demands of a wide range of industrial market sectors. They were able to explore X-Rite Pantone solutions in depth, including practical demonstration sessions with X-Rite colour experts. Solutions presented included both contact and non-contact spectrophotometers, controlled lighting solutions, as well as colour formulation and quality control software designed to leverage colour measurement instrument investments to the fullest.

“This seminar was an important element of our support for the region and our partnership with Al Shihab Al Thahabi,” said Simone Viscomi, Sales  Director Turkey and MEA of X-Rite Pantone. “Through seminars such as this, we are able to ensure that colour professional’s stay current with the latest trends and are educated about best practices in the specification, communication, measurement, management and tracking of colour in industrial applications. We look forward to future seminars in this region and around the world as we fulfill our commitment to colour quality leadership.”



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