AATCC to organise LED Summit

AATCC to organise LED Summit

Colour is an important factor in the consumer’s decision to purchase a product and often the first feature that attracts a consumer to a product. Lighting plays a major role in how colour is perceived, and different light sources affect how the colours of objects and products are viewed. Environmental and economic benefits of reducing energy consumption is a key driver in the move to LED light sources. How do we as retailers, brands, and suppliers ensure that our products are created and beautifully displayed under these new LED light sources?

AATCC LED Summit: A Light Changing Experience, being held August 25-26, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina, USA, will address these important questions. The interactive program is designed to bring together members of the retail industry to include marketing, design, engineers, and quality assurance as well as lighting suppliers, colour control providers, and instrument manufacturers. This conference is developed to foster discussion and understanding of the rapidly changing lighting environment.

This two-day program will focus on: all being able to speak the same “light” language, the why and how of new lighting, lighting reality—industry case studies, new light and how it will impact quality assurance and the supply chain, and steps to consider when establishing and selecting new lights.

Confirmed presentations include:

•             Colour & Lighting: Fundamentals for Communication—Roland Connelly, RoLyn Group Colour Consultants

•             Why LED, Why Now—Tom Boyle, GE Lighting

•             An Improved Method for Characterizing Colour Rendering: IES TM-30-15—Michael Royer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

•             Opportunities for Improved Lighting Performance with LED Solutions—Eric Haugaard, Cree Inc.

•             Replicating Daylight and Other High Quality Light Sources—Steve Paolini, Telelumen LLC

•             “Light, More Light!” said the dying Goethe—Keith Hoover, Under Armour

•             Issues with Light Booths & Light Sources—Nick Lena, GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

•             LED Adoption: Preparing to Retrofit your Supply Chain—Stephen Robertson, X-Rite

•             So What Just Happened? Overview of Changes in Colour Control Related to LED Lighting in Retail—Ann Laidlaw, ACL Colour Consulting LLC, Consultant to X-Rite

More information and registration is available at the link below.


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