The Woolmark Company Unveils the Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2017/18

The Woolmark Company Unveils the Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Continuing to present the best selection of commercially available wool fabrics and yarns, The Woolmark Company unveils its latest seasonal guide, launching The Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2017/18 exclusively at Pitti Uomo, held June 14-17, 2016

An inspirational tool, the latest edition of The Wool Lab dedicates three out seven themes to a style that is suitable for both womenswear and menswear, highlighting the continuation in the rise of androgynous dressing. For the first time The Wool Lab dedicates a theme to homeware products and interior textiles, as wool fabrics continue to become increasingly popular outside of traditional men’s tailoring.

The Gentleman’s Ride theme is inspired by the iconic Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride that is a celebration of the art of being dapper and the style of classic custom motorcycles. The finest suit comes to be the dress code of contemporary men who are naturally able to combine an elegant style with an adventurous spirit. The classic structures and patterns, such as the Prince of Wales or the Glenn Check, enhance the exquisiteness of the suits.

The Radical Culture theme is built around the allure of the 1970s, where the spirit of independence and femininity is reinterpreted by a new generation of women who want to be elegant but with a higher gear. The juxtaposition of fabric coat and printed dresses is one of the key outfits of the theme. The decades-old silhouettes and colours are redesigned to create a cutting-edge wardrobe.

Athleisure is a mix-and-match of fashion elements with functional pieces, giving rise to a luxurious look. A relaxed and sophisticated lifestyle is expressed by gently cut shapes and diagonal lines that, made up of technical and performance fabrics, evoke the world of sport and youthfulness, which is also enhanced by the colour palette.

One of the aims of clothes is to make people feel protected and, the Safe theme, apt for womenswear and menswear, takes inspiration from military-style dressing, preserving the importance of warm, voluminous and protective clothes. The sturdy fabric patterns are studied for lighter weights allowing different layers to be worn and creating a more fresh and contemporary look, while creating that feeling of protection.

The Breakaway style is for younger generations who want to break the rules. They want to be free of choosing the way they live and the way they dress. Young generations are able to mix different shapes and volumes, having taken a leaf out of their parents’ book to create a unique blend of clothing with particular attention to details.

In the Urban Farmers theme, nature reconquers urban spaces thanks to a new generation of farmers who wants to enhance the concept of “livingWool-Lab and working locally”. Their daily wardrobe is a mélange of traditional workwear with a touch of class. The lightness of clothes is an essential qualification and the colour palette takes inspiration from the natural colour of vegetables in an urban environment.

Wool is not only used for garments but also for creating homeware products and interior textiles. In the Laboratorio theme, masterpieces come alive from patterns taken from the archives and memories of handlooms. The new artisan’s life philosophy mixes old and new technologies in order to create colorfast textiles for clothes and home products. The brightness of tones, geometrical patterns and structures create a unique piece of handicraft.

The Wool Lab is created by The Woolmark Company in collaboration with the most innovative and quality-oriented spinners and weavers from across the world. Each season, more and more fashion professionals look forward to seeing the latest edition of The Wool Lab as it offers the chance to explore a concrete sourcing guide for the best commercially available fabrics and yarns in the world.

After the exclusive launch at Pitti Uomo, The Wool Lab AW17/18 will be presented at the most important trade shows worldwide, and will be available through The Woolmark Company’s global network, along with one-on-one meetings set up with top designers, brands, manufacturers and retailers.

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