Puma gets the blame for the rupture of failure of soccer tops at UEFA Euro Football Championship

Puma gets the blame for the rupture of failure of soccer tops at UEFA Euro Football Championship

During the match between France and Switzerland on June 19, 2016 first of all the football referee was blamed that he was not attributing penalties against French football players for constantly grab to the tops of the Swiss players and seven of these tops had to be replaced

The Swiss played 0:0 against the French, and this was acclaimed.

A member of the Swiss National team with ripped off tenuePuma shirts performance was disgusting and also commentators were surprised of the fact that the tops were ripping off after the rather rough treatment by the French players.

Puma’s reputation is at stake and the company moved to investigate the case. The result was quickly communicated that the seams of the functional textile were not withstanding the forces applied. The soccer attire was falling apart because the yarns were damaged during production, leading to a feable jersey fabric. Quality control indicated that false heat control, pressure and production time are responsible for the very visible eclat. The football tenue is made of a mixture of Elastan and polyester. The faulty material was used exclusively for a small lot for the Swiss National Team, however these are normed by ACTV materials and Puma has delivered also to other teams. Also these fabrics have been tested after what happened to the Swiss.

Around the globe social media commented these facts. For once, Puma has risked its reputation and became the object of more or less scoffing comments. The hurrying to clear and explaining the situation was a sheer necessity, because we recall what such a public damage can do to a firm (US Under Armour) some time ago.

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