Reimotec is expanding its range of PET strapping tape lines

Reimotec is expanding its range of PET strapping tape lines

Reimotec  Maschinen-  und  Anlagenbau GmbH  is expanding its range of PET strapping tape lines by including the VACUREMA system from recycling specialist EREMA in its supply range

Reimotec is the Reifenhäuser Group’s specialist in strapping tape production lines and one of the most experienced suppliers in this market segment, withReimotec 140630_verpackungsbandanlage more than 100 lines delivered for this application since 1977. In addition to providing its own, market-tested technology for producing high- quality strapping tapes, Reimotec also supplies the extrusion lines for producing the polymer melt. Today’s major challenge for this application is the ever-increasing share of recycling material in the resin, usually consisting of PET bottle flakes, in parallel to similarly increasing quality demands that are placed on the end product – namely the strapping tape.

Previously, lines for PET strapping tape were equipped exclusively with single-screw extrusion systems until Reifenhäuser introduced its twin-screw technology (Reitruder) in 2001 and initiated an important step in the market towards the improved processing of PET bottle flakes.

Since 2001, approximately three quarters of the strapping tape lines supplied worldwide by Reimotec have been equipped with this twin-screw technology: a transformation that is primarily due to the ease of applying this technology to the processing of PET bottle flakes.

A major advantage of the twin-screw, compared to the single-screw technology, is its better suitability for technically demanding recyclates. However, if the iV value of these raw materials is too low, the twin-screw extrusion reaches its limits. In order to meet the demands for processing raw materials even with critical iV values, Reimotec has now linked up with EREMA, the Austrian specialist for recycling of plastic materials, thus gaining an invaluable supplier offering another uniquely positioned technology.

EREMA offers the VACUREMA system, consisting of modular, scalable components that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of customers, depending on the quality of their PET bottle flakes.

Both companies are technology leaders and have been meeting the challenge of matching the ever increasing demands on end product quality with the varying quality of recycled raw materials for years, thanks to their innovative products.

Reimotec customers are now able to adapt their lines even better to the raw materials available as – in addition to the tried-and-tested technologies using single-screw and twin-screw extruders – they can now also obtain the

Reimotec FlakesVACUREMA technology from a single source. At the same time, EREMA customers can now use Reimotec’s proven technology for the production of high-quality strapping tapes. Both companies consider that one of their key tasks is to increase benefits to their customers. As a result of this expansion of the Reimotec portfolio, manufacturers of strapping tape will in future be able to purchase lines for technically demanding raw materials without the need for customisation. These lines will now also include the VACUREMA technology and as a next step will use the proven Reimotec technology for high-quality strapping tape.

Reimotec, a subsidiary of the Reifenhäuser Group, develops and manufactures at its Lampertheim, Germany site lines for the production of strapping tapes and monofilaments. As experts in process technology, the company offers complete engineering service and the required know-how. Thanks to a high level of automation of the lines and a high-speed monitoring system, Reimotec increases its customers’ productivity and quality. Managing Directors of the company are Dipl.-Ing. Heino Claussen-Markefka and Dipl.-Volkswirt Bernd Reifenhäuser.

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