New ACIMIT video on Italian sustainable Technology is now online

New ACIMIT video on Italian sustainable Technology is now online

The ongoing commitment of Italy’s manufacturers to sustainable technologies is highlighted in a new ACIMIT video, “Italy’s textile machinery industry goes green.” The new video produced by the Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) to promote awareness on the commitment of Italian companies, specifically with regards to sustainable production, is now online

The video shows ACIMIT’s Sustainable Technologies project, marking the ongoing commitment of Italy’s machinery manufacturers in recent years to make production more efficient and environmentally sustainable. The video highlights in graphic form the data of a recent survey conducted to quantify the benefits reaped from the adoption of Italian Green Certified machinery. Based on estimates drawn from the engineering firm D’Appolonia, in 2014 the reduction in CO2 emissions generated by the use of Green Certified machinery based on the protocol of the “Sustainable Technologies” project amounted to 221181 tons of CO2, equivalent to what is typically emitted by 38534 automobiles travelling on average 35000 km per year.

“This video aims to highlight the contribution of the association, as well as that of its member manufacturers, to promote a textile industry that is increasingly sustainable and focused on the parsimonious use of resources and its environmental impact on production processes,” comments ACIMIT President Raffaela Carabelli.

The video can be watched on YouTube (The Italian textile machinery industry goes green). For more information on the Sustainable Technologies project, visit the section on Eco-sustainability on ACIMIT’s website.

TextileFuture’s comment: The video is worthwhile to be followed and offers also statements of prominent ACIMIT members and of its President. It is also a sign of Italian creativity and innovation!

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