Highlights of Tunisian Festival des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode Tunis

Highlights of Tunisian Festival des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode Tunis

The Festival des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode Tunis (young fashion designers of Tunesia) took place on May 19, 2016 at Ramada Plazza in Gammath, Tunisia and was focused in honour of Tunisian fashion (readymade and design of today) and for a better cooperation on the creative level and to respond at the dynamism in the sector of fashion

Tunisia 2The event was organised by the GPCH Groupement Professionnel de la Confection and Clothing Tunisian de la CONECT, and congregated Tunisian actives and foreigners of the textile and clothing sector and German sponsors elected by Messe Frankfurt France in cooperation with Dialog Textil-Bekleidung, the umbrella organisation of German sourcing companies and grouped around discussion and networking.

The event is an important factor for the sustainable development of the Tunisian textile and clothing sector, with the purpose to bring the most advanced Tunisian companies in contact with European buyers who want to cooperate with Tunisian partners in view to competiveness, performance, creativity and response. This is why Messe Frankfurt has signed the partnership of cooperation with GPCH.

The industrial and commercial forces of the Tunisian textile and clothing sector allows to base on the strategy of co-development on the level of creation of models and will contribute to enforce the relations to the European markets and the nearby suppliers, notes Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

“Tunisia is plentiful of talents, foremost in the sector of textiles and clothing”, adds Samir Ben Abdallah, President of GPCH and of the Festival. He explains “that the actual educational system and the preparedness of young people to follow the lines of fashion and clothing have encouraged the creation of the Festival and its first edition took now place in Tunis in partnership with ATFP, AgenceTunisienne de Formation Professionnelle) and Messe Frankfurt France.

All dedicated to the goal that the winners of the competition will be gifted with great success in their further career, and allowing the Tunisian textile and clothing sector to overcome its actual difficulties and to conquer new markets thanks to an adaptive response to buyers’ requirements.

The competition of young designers

The competition allowed to show the quality of the design knowhow the candidates of different fashionTunisia 1 school dispose of and to show their work on the catwalk. The chore of young Tunisian designers has been enlarged over the past years thanks to a higher number of diplomas from local fashion schools. These youngsters will be decisive to the enhancement of Tunisian textiles and clothing.

The jury under the leadership of Luca Rinfreschi, President de la CAN-FERMODA in Italy and Michael Scherpe (France), Leila Chihi (France), Milena Raposinho (Portugal) and Michaela Dodini (Head of Trade of the UE in Tunisia). The members of Tunisa were Becem Jellouli, Rim El Benna, Rim Lengliz, Fatma Hachicha, and Salma Baccar.

The motto of the competition “Soleil de miniuit” (sunshine of midnight) and the competition categories were won as follows:

–        First prize “Young Designer” was bestowed to the team of the Centre Professionel de Ras Tabia in Tunis.

–        The second prize went to Centre Professionnel de l’Ariana and their focus on apparel sourcing and the winners will be invited to Paris in September 2016 to the exhibition.

–        The prize of best model 2016 was bestowed at Samar Bacara. 

–        The first prize for jewellery was accorded to a group led by Ilyes Ben Massaoud and Adel Guider.

–        The second prize was bestowed to Hasna Oueslati, Haifa Khatelli and SafA Ben Hsan.

–        The third prize was won by Maroua Bel Haoui.


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