First Mtex+ finalists for young upcoming textile professionals

First Mtex+ finalists for young upcoming textile professionals

The 6th mtex+ international fair for Technical Textiles (May 31 – June 2, 2016 in Chemnitz, Germany) stands for discovery fair with additional value for engineers, designers and managers of all potential application sectors. The finalists of the first mtex+ for young upcoming textiles  professionals are named

The finalists are:

–        Raphaela Franke:  Concept Easiness, Fashion Design School Sigmaringen

–        Team Kira Dannecker, Natalie Maihöfer, Marisa Pfister: Body protection shell, Univerity Albstadt-Sigmaringen

–        Vera Gail: Textile guardrail, Hochschule Niederrhein

The jury members are:

Prof. Dr.-Ing Chokri Cherif, TU Dresden, Institut für Textilmaschinen; Gregor Götz, Managing Dirctor Vowalon, Treuen; Mara Michel, Managing Director VDMD, Würzburg; Walter Eder, Publisher, Meisenbach Verlag, Bamberg; Iris Schlomski, Editor-in-Chief textile network, Meisenbach Verlag, Bamberg.

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