3D printing with optimised plastic powders

3D printing with optimised plastic powders

“Our customers know that they can develop innovations with us and that they can rely on our discretion,” Jan Dressler, CEO Dressler Group.

3D printing technology is gaining in importance in leading industrial companies and for good reason: print on demand fulfils the need for faster innovations, the construction of special parts and for  product individualisation.

As the Grinding Authority, we assist our customers in optimising flow properties, grain shapes and grain sizes for the plastic powder used in 3D3D printing Dressler printing.

In our new technical centre, besides modular small plants, there is also a six-metre-high test spray tower available for this purpose. In the technical centre and innovation lab area measuring a total of 400 sqm, our process specialists cooperate with leading manufacturers of 3D printing powders and 3D printing machines to support product innovations and new techniques with the best possible powder quality. The parameters devised for thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomer powders can be tested directly in application tests for various techniques and selected according to economic criteria.

However, the available quantities of raw materials, particularly for new developments, are often limited. Unsuccessful attempts or a poor pulverisation yield may mean a significant delay for product development. With the plants, Dressler Group are able to convert product quantities from a few kilos up to 100 kg in the customer-specific fineness distributions. What’s more, the techniques, depending on the product, achieve a realised yield of almost 100 %.

With a small investment of raw materials and development time, our customers gain specific statements about the economic feasibility of realising new powder requirements.

Innovations also require trustful and secure framework conditions. They can only be developed where it is possible to discuss openly, attempt things in a diverse and variable way, and where mutual findings and developments can be protected carefully and securely. Dressler is thus committed to maintaining guaranteed confidentiality with regard to our customers.

All three custom grinding plants in the Dressler Group are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. They work in line with the strictest quality standards and guarantee the reliable manufacture of the finest powders with the latest plants and techniques.

Continuous research and development, the highest quality standards and process competence acquired over more than 35 years are important components of the recipe for success of the Grinding Authority. However, to be really innovative, sometimes unconventional paths also have to be taken. Dressler consistently retained this possibility with its in-house plant construction and use this expertise to cater in a timely manner to the special process requirements of our customers with the greatest flexibility.

Dressler processes plastic powder for 3D printing applications, functional coatings, laser sintering and surface coatings. The particle fineness extends from 1.5 µm to 2 mm.


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