Filatura di Crosa, a new partner of the Master in Management and Textile Engineering

Filatura di Crosa, a new partner of the Master in Management and Textile  Engineering

A new prestigious partner for the III edition of the Master in Management and Textile Engineering (MTE): Filatura di Crosa, one of the historical brands in Biella, founded by Ettore Fileppo in 1939 and was later transformed from a small local mill to an international giant by his sons, Giancarlo and Germano Fileppo.

For over 75 years the butterfly brand has been a recognizable symbol of excellence in hand-knitting yarn and since the 70’s has famous clients suchfilcrosa-lu as Missoni, Krizia, Versace and Valentino. Today hand-knitting has become a hobby which requires quality yarns combined with Italian creativity. The butterfly logo has acquired a worldwide renowned reputation and with the renewed passion for high quality hand-knitting, the butterfly is flying again.

The Italian Master MTE, organized by Città Studi Biella in partnership with LIUC – Università Cattaneo and Politecnico di Torino, continues to gain acceptance and support from the most important Italian and international textile brands.  Today more than 30 companies and organizations are collaborating with the Master, expressing their absolute trust in this highly specialized program which was created specifically for the needs of the textile, clothing & fashion industry.

These are the words of Enzo Scalabrino, CEO of the new ownership Filatura di Crosa regarding the Master MTE project: “In a world always more global and complex, companies that want to grow and succeed in the international arena are looking with great interest at young resources that are following educational programs focusing on textile. Knowledge of the processes and the product are the basis to work in the industry which has specific characteristics in managing the supply chain and sales. We welcomed Lu Guanyi, a student of the Master, for an internship of three months to complete her studies and validly support our company in ongoing projects. The contribution and enthusiasm of the young are an absolute must in order to achieve the goals, as is the passion for our work represented by its symbol, the lightness of the butterfly and the aspiration to always fly higher and higher. “

The Master MTE has a strong international approach, held entirely in the English language, providing a combination of academic professors and qualified professionals in the industry to teach in the classrooms.  A full-time commitment is required, 500 hours of lectures and 500 of internship. Designed for university graduates and managers already working in the textile sector with the necessary qualifications. The program is oriented to form professionals with an extensive profile capable of combining creativity and innovation with excellent managerial skills.

There are so many prestigious companies that have believed in this project, by joining as partners and sponsors. As Mario Boselli stated, the past president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion: “The Master in Management and Textile Engineering is a concrete educational experience with a key value, a strong support from the entrepreneurs. The companies of the fashion system very much sustain the young generation, opening the doors of knowledge and know-how even within their own companies. A strong message, a positive project.”

Calls for applications for the IV edition of the Master are now open. The program will start in October 2016. Deadline to submit application is June 17, 2016 for non-EU residents and July 25, 2016 for Italian and European residents.

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