matchmycolor introduces new-generation, cloud-based Colibri software

matchmycolor introduces new-generation, cloud-based Colibri software

matchmycolor introduces new-generation, cloud-based Colibri® software for global color management and color monitoring for print packaging

•             Enhanced productivity: automation and management of the entire production process

•             Streamlined production: creation, management and distribution of color data

•             Improved user interface: usability, ease of use and user interaction

•             High versatility: easy scaling from single to large enterprise installations, suitable for all processes and substrates

•             Full compliance with industry standards

•             New interface design reflects “seamless blend of art and science”Colibri Software

•             Demonstration at drupa, stands F20 in Hall 07a and A21 in Hall 09

matchmycolor announces the introduction of its new-generation, cloud-based Colibri® colour- management and colour-monitoring software for the graphic arts, print and ink industry. Easy to use and customize, the versatile new system helps to enhance productivity and streamline production, while complying fully with industry standards. The HTML5-powered user interface has been designed to reflect the combined technological and esthetic aspects of colour management. The new software will be continuously demonstrated throughout drupa (May 27 – June 10, 2016)

matchmycolor software and application experts have developed a unique framework to give Colibri a cutting-edge interface. The modern technology ensures that the new software is suitable for brand owners, brand management, prepress, and production, irrespective of processes and substrates.

Senior software engineer Alexander Timmermans led development of the new framework at matchmycolor: “Our vision was to fuse web and rich client or native application and create a one-software platform using the same, highly responsive interface,” he explains.

Numerous new features help users to enhance productivity and streamline production. A single click enables thousands of colour patches to be loaded, including ISO control strips and FOGRA media wedges, and prints to be checked for suitability. Process and spot colors can be managed in one step. Interactive zoom-in charting improves result analysis, while custom job scoring allows a fast overview of performance and advance reporting. A universal search function covering the whole database uses wild cards or custom criteria for quick retrieval of standards, recipes and quality control data. The software allows seamless integration with color matching and dispensing.

The new Colibri colour management system complies fully with industry standards. The versatile software, which can be used on Windows, OSX, Android, IOS and Linux, is compatible with all major browsers, touch-sensitive, and scalable on tablets and mobile devices. The user interface has a highly responsive design and requires no page reloads or page refreshments. Designers with no IT knowledge can easily customize the software to clients’ requirements. Colibri provides fully configurable views for both expert and standard users, showing and highlighting only the data or information needed.

“The user interface was designed by a London-based agency to reflect a seamless blend of art and science” says Benjamin Schudel, Software Project Leader at matchmycolor. This adds to the versatility and simplicity of the system.

The new Colibri colour management software will be demonstrated throughout drupa in a presentation entitled “Exploration of colours around the world” at the Konica Minolta Sensing and Techkon stands, F20 in Hall 07a and A21 in Hall 09.

matchmycolor software was used in the production of three limited-edition art posters depicting Düsseldorf city scenes. The shifts between colours allow designers, artists and engineers to examine the behavioural effects of colour palettes under different real-world conditions. The three artworks, “Classic”, “Street” and “Architectural”, depict a stained glass window from St. Suitbertus Basilica, wall graffiti ‒ “Rusted Ideas” ‒ and plastic figures on a building ‒ “Flossis” ‒ respectively. Posters can be obtained free of charge at the stands or ordered online here

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