OUTLOOK™ Madrid 2016

OUTLOOK™ Madrid 2016

The 15th edition of OUTLOOK, organised by EDANA, will take place from September 21-23 in Madrid, Spain

EDANA announced the programme of speakers and topics for the 15th anniversary edition of OUTLOOK™, the leading nonwovens personal care and hygiene products conference.


OUTLOOK™, the ‘must-attend’ event for the personal care and hygiene products industry, offers not only opportunities to learn about the newest trends and developments in Europe and beyond, and access the valuable networking opportunities scheduled throughout the event, but also high level inspirational speeches of resonance to any leader in today’s complex business world. The conference venue is always carefully selected to ensure facilities to schedule your team or business meetings around the conference.

Taking place from the September 21-23 in Madrid, Spain, the 2016 programme will kick off with a key note speech by Geoffrey West from theMadrid Santa Fe Institute followed by keynotes from Robert Glaze, the Brenva Institute and Markus Hengstschläger, the Institute of Medical Genetics of the Medical University of Vienna on the second day.

 Other presentations include:

– “Risk communication in the 21st century: lessons for the nonwoven industry”

– “Global feminine hygiene market: similarities and differences across the Americas, Europe and China in 2015”

– “Megatrends and healthcare: implications on consumers, body images, and nonwovens”

– “Industry leadership towards better waste management in Brazil”

– “The Booming Hygiene Market in the Indian subcontinent”

– “Transforming a company, from structure to capabilities and people: a continuous drive for growth and innovation”

– “Can we wipe out risks during development?”

The programme can be found here

Delegates are recommended to register now, and book their hotel rooms as early as possible. The registration form can be found here 


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