Italians are crazy about jeans

Italians are crazy about jeans

According to a survey by Cotton USA, Italians are crazy about jeans and have on average six pairs in their wardrobe, according to a survey conducted by Global Lifestyle Monitor on behalf of the Cotton USA trade council on the anniversary of the birth of the Levi’s Strauss brand on May 20, 1873. The study, conducted between November 2015 and January 2016 among a sample of 1,002 people aged 15-54, showed that 51 % of Italians don jeans to go clothes shopping and 45 % to work

Italian men in jeans variationsIn Italy an informal look in the workplace is no longer restricted to ‘casual Fridays’ as in the UK, where just 16% of respondents said they wear jeans to work. Denim skirts and jackets are also popular with both Italian men and women, who possess on average a greater number than their counterparts in China, Germany, and the UK. At least 52 % of Italians said they wear denim regularly and 45% wear jeans or denim shorts at least five times a week, compared to 30 % in Germany. The Cotton USA survey found that 75% of Italians enjoy shopping for clothes or even love making regular purchases, while 34% prefer buying clothes to consumer electronics items (23 %) or shoes (16 %). Italians draw inspiration for their purchases from other people (70 %), shops (66 %) and from the media.

Comfort and quality are the most important factors in determining choice in 91 % of cases, followed closely by price at 90 %. The brand label is important for less than half of respondents, the survey found.
 A vast majority, or 95 %, of Italian consumers buy clothes when they are on sale or during special promotions, while over one in three are willing to sacrifice quality to cost – and these trends are growing with respect to eight years ago. Buying clothes that are eco-friendly is a priority for 57 % of Italians, particularly in the over-35 category; this group considers cotton to be the safest fibre for the environment, followed by wool and silk. Cotton is considered the most authentic fibre by 85 % of respondents, and the most reliable and sustainable by 80 %.

Further, 90% of Italians said they check the label before buying an item of clothing.

(source ANSA English Editions)

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