Lighter and quieter SUVs thanks to Ultra-Silent from Autneum

Lighter and quieter SUVs thanks to Ultra-Silent from Autneum

Due to strong customer demand, Autoneum has developed a special version of its lightweight underfloor systems made of Ultra-Silent for sport utility vehicles (SUV). Autoneum is thus making a decisive contribution to the weight and noise reduction of these globally sought-after vehicle models and also improving their aerodynamics. This simultaneously serves to reduce the fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions of SUV’s

Autoneum-Ultra-Silent_close-upWith the underfloor version made of the textile material Ultra-Silent developed especially for sport utility vehicles, Autoneum is further expanding its position as world market leader in vehicle underfloor systems. This product innovation from Autoneum supports SUV manufacturers in the development and production of lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient models, thus also making a significant contribution toward compliance with statutory noise and emissions provisions. At the same time, Ultra- Silent underfloor systems meet the high requirements of cross-country mobility and enhance the driving comfort of SUVs. Autoneum is already producing Ultra-Silent underfloor systems in series for first European SUV manufacturers.

With Ultra-Silent, Autoneum offers the most lightweight textile underfloor systems for vehicles: they are up to 50 percent lighter compared with equivalent components made of plastic. Underfloor systems made of Ultra-Silent also convince with a high degree of impact resistance and optimum stone chip protection. The mono-material consisting of glass-free PET is resistant against water and heat and in addition fullyAutoneum-Ultra-Silent_entire_parts recyclable. At the same time, it absorbs sound and in doing so reduces the vehicle noise by up to two decibels. In addition, underfloor systems made of Ultra-Silent enhance the aerodynamics of SUVs by reducing their air resistance by around eight percent. This improves fuel consumption and thereby reduces CO2 emissions.

To perfect material stiffness and fatigue as well as the water wading capability of its underfloor systems, Autoneum uses a broad spectrum of internally developed simulation software programs. These programs combine Autoneum’s in-depth underbody expertise with the individual requirements of the vehicle manufacturers. They are deployed in both the design phase of new models as well as in the further development of existing vehicles.

Since 2009, Autoneum has been producing textile underbody and under engine shields made of Ultra-Silent for the European market. So far, more than five million vehicles of European and Japanese customers have been equipped with these products. In Europe, the lightweight components are manufactured among others at Autoneum’s Swiss plant in Sevelen. The global rollout of Ultra-Silent outside Europe started in 2015 in North America.

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