Dreamweaver with Silver in large scale production

Dreamweaver with Silver in large scale production

Dreamweaver is now offering a 20 micron nonwoven separator for lithium ion batteries.  With low porosity (42%), this separator has the lowest pore size, lowest self-discharge and highest strength of any nonwoven separator, and retains good rate capability and excellent safety characteristics.  Initial application development will focus on lithium iron phosphate cells, where the combination of improved safety, high rate and low cost provide significant value, especially in Chinese electric vehicles, where this cathode material dominates.  Dreamweaver Silver 20 is now being produced in full scale production with 100% optical inspection

Dreamweaver and Glatfelter are now able to produce Dreamweaver Silver at a rate of 100 million square meters a year with 100% optical inspection and defect rates in the low ppb (area/area).  This is a significant achievement and the excellent engineering team at Glatfelter continues to improve quality, increase production rates and reduce cost as we gain experience. 


Dreamweaver Silver’s unique blend of nanofibers and microfibers delivers good thermal stability (over 190 C) and high porosity (>60%) in a uniform, stable sheet.  With the look and feel of paper, it wets out quickly and processes well at high speed.  If you need a good high rate, safe, general purpose separator at a low cost, Dreamweaver Silver is the right choice for your application.

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