French Cultural Centre in Izmir to host the FuturotextilesMix exhibition

French Cultural Centre in Izmir to host the FuturotextilesMix exhibition

The French Cultural Centre in Izmir, Turkey, to host the “FuturotextilesMIX” exhibition to show that today textiles are becoming increasingly technical, innovative and intelligent while also becoming relevant to current issues of sustainable development

The exhibition will display the textile products of the future produced from plants such as the pine and gum tree, and plant-based products such as soy beans and coffee as well as petroleum, products such as plastic bottles.Izmir

This new Futurotextiles MIX exhibition invites visitors to discover the world of textiles and take in its incredible diversity, which ranges from fibre weave and knitwear to composites and nonwovens.

The exhibition aims to show people that textiles are not just important for fashion, but also has an extensive usage from architecture to art, construction, medicine and decoration. FuturotextilesMIX” will also stand out with its environmental investments through products made from recycled textiles.

Curator David said that one of the main reasons for them to hold this exhibition is to show the importance of recycled textile products in a world where resources are drained. The exhibition will feature various examples of textile products produced around the world, especially France and Turkey.

According to a statement released from the French Cultural Center in İzmir, the exhibition was previously held in Buenos Aires, Milano and Shanghai, the pioneering cities for textiles. The people of İzmir as well as the prominent representatives of the textile industry in Turkey will be able to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition will start from May 27, 2016 at Kültürpark State Painting and Sculpture Museum and the French Cultural Centre building in Izmir and will run until June 25, 2016.

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