Frottana Textile is betting on Picanol terry weaving for quality reasons

Frottana Textile is betting on Picanol terry weaving for quality reasons

In the little town where Germany, Poland and Czech Republic meet, you can find the headquarters of Frottana Textile. Right from the very beginning the company has taken account of various factors that are very important: not only quality but also ecology as well as the economic and social aspects. Thus the company is known for its very good price/performance ratio, as well as its environmental performance

The Frottana collection comprises three product lines: towels, bath robes and bath mats. The towels have different designs, some with a basic pattern, others with a typical design (country, magic, summer garden, etc.) and ones especially for use in saunas. All these options ensure that the customers can choose the product that suits them best.

Another item in the collection is Möve. These towels are known for their quality and tradition, and a lot of companies use them as a long-lasting gift for customers and employees, as well as for promotional campaigns. Companies can choose to have their own logo applied on the towels, by digital printing, weaving (high-low, border or multi-coloured) or embroidery. Because the towels and bath robes have such a great look and feel they are frequently used by luxury hotels. Several years ago Möve introduced a range of matching bath and home accessories.

Frottana (brand name Möve) has a very wide variety of terry products and is world-renowned for its impressive collections with the highest quality standards. In 2011 Frottana began searching intensively for a suitable weaving machine manufacturer to replace their existing Swiss-made Sulzer rapier machines. It wasn’t easy to find the right supplier since Frottana’s requirements are very demanding, especially as regards fabric quality, flexibility and performance. As soon as Frottana learned about the introduction of Picanol’s TerryMax-i machine it was very interested.

During an extensive trial in 2015, Picanol was able to demonstrate that the new TerryMax-i is the most flexible and effective rapier weaving machine for terry available in the market, with very high performance. Frottana immediately decided to purchase 30 TerryMax-i rapier weaving machines as a replacement for all their previously existing Sulzer rapier weaving machines. Of the 30 newly purchased weaving machines, 6 TerryMax-i are equipped with dobby and 24 TerryMax-i with jacquard. Installation of these new weaving machines will be completed in summer of 2016.

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