Japan makes use of GINETEX textile care symbols as first country in Asia

Japan makes use of GINETEX textile care symbols as first country in Asia

The signing of the contract with partner Kaken is a historic moment for GINETEX, Groupement International d’Etiquetage pour l’Entretien des Textiles (GINETEX international group for care labelling of textiles) because it will be represented for the first time in AsiaGinetex

Kaken is an authorised testing institute for textiles by the Japanese government. It will represent Ginetex as first national member in the Asian area. As 22nd national Ginetex member Kaken will represent the interests of trade mark protected care symbols in Japan.

Because of a governmental decision to replace the Japanese Standard for textile care symbols by ISO Standard 3758, Japan has signed a contract to make Ginetex care symbols known and to enhance its use. The Japanese clothing sector comprises around 300 brands.

Kaken is one of the largest and reliable testing institutes in Japan. In addition, Kaken cooperates with many Japanese industrial enterprises, inclusive JTETC Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council, a renowned non-profit organisation with excellent governmental relations.

A cooperation contract exists between Ginetx and the standardisation organisation ISO since the late 80s permitting the use of ISO Standard 3758.

GINETEX was founded in 1963 in Paris, France. Switzerland, among others, has been a founding member. It is the aim of the organisation to inform consumers on textile care by means of pictogrammes. Such care symbols are registered as trademarks and are owned by Ginetex. The use of such care symbols in Switzerland needs a user contract with Ginetex Switzerland.


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